Easy Console Typing: Why Has This Not Been Invented Yet?

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This is one of those ideas where you slap yourself in the head and say “wow, how does this not exist already, and why didn’t I think of it?”

For too long, typing anything on consoles has been a tremendous pain in the ass, as you have to manually navigate to each letter on the virtual keyboard like you’re a grandma pecking the keys to forward a funny chain email.

But this two stick typing system is pure genius. One stick controls the group of letters, the other controls the individual letters within the group. So in other words, once you got the hang of it, you could probably type in a console as fast as you text, possibly even faster as it’s just flicking the stick in a direction or two.

I pulled this from reddit, where the creator is crowd sourcing to help him get this made. I, uh, hope he threw up a patent or something for it first. If you think you can help, head over there and chime in.

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  1. Well.. it’s good if you only need letters and 6 ponctuation signs.. But. What about numbers ? and special chars like the Umlaut or simple letters that have accents in french ?

    Good idea.. though..

  2. @SilentJee

    Then you hit or hold another controller button like the shoulder ones to acts like a shift key and gives you capitals or changes to a full set of symbols…..duh

  3. this existed in the early psp homebrew world, and on pocketpc before that. the questions should not be why it hasnt been invented, but why no console makers make use of it.

  4. I love this. I’m so tired of going over to friends’ places and spending so much time just typing in my username and password to recover my XBL account. I know I’d only be saving like a minute or two but when it takes like 5-10 minutes to download my profile it’d be nice to not have to stall any longer.

  5. my friend and i saw that the other day and though it’d be better if it was left stick and then a button press, seeing as they correspond to the positions of the buttons in that design and it would be more accurate then flicking a second stick

  6. Hey!

    Thanks for the interest! From a single image we’ve put a team together, gathered some money, got the patents rolling, assembled a dev team and have a lot work ahead!!!! 😀

    If you would like to stay on top of the project just head over to http://circboard.info!

    The obvious improvement of being able to use 4 buttons is in place too. First demo is under development and we’re really pleased with how WELL this actually works in real life!!!!

    Thanks for your interest!


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