Nintendo Direct Mini Partner Showcase June 2022

Nintendo Direct Mini Partner Showcase june 2022

Nintendo Direct Showcases are nothing new, as they are Nintendo’s version of Sony’s State of Play and Xbox’s recent Bethesda Showcase, but Nintendo has been releasing them more often like they used to now that the pandemic has settled. Most recently, on June 28th, Nintendo held their first Nintendo Direct Mini Partner Showcase since 2020 and announced a slew on interesting games from third-party developers coming to Nintendo Switch. Below, we’ve gone into detail on the latest Nintendo Direct Mini Partner Showcase from June 2022, such as the games included, new and old, and more info from the smaller than usual, and less monumental, Nintendo Direct.

Nintendo Direct

Typically Nintendo Direct events are pre-recorded content from the Nintendo team that showcase either a single major game announcement, DLC, other features, or simply showcase third-party game, or other information crucial to fans of the latest Nintendo system. As stated above, a Nintendo Direct Mini Showcase hasn’t happened since 2020 but since Nintedo’s ability to have mostly only their own unique games available on their own console has been getting rivaled by third party content, as Nintendo has since opened its door to M rated games with the launch of the Switch. Previous Nintendo Directs that Nintendo has presented with its fans have included, almost mostly, Super Smash Bros. information but since the game has slowed down with its massive roster, nintedo has dedicated Nintendo Direct Showcases to their other franchises and IPs. However small in comparison to the usual Nintendo Direct, the Nintendo Direct Mini Showcase of June 2022 featured some already hit games available on other platforms, as well as new games coming exclusively to the Nintedo Switch.

Nintendo Direct Mini Partner Showcase June 2022

On June 28th, when Nintendo held their most recent Nintendo Direct with the Nintendo Direct Mini Showcase, a variety of games and related information were shown off and shared such as, full games like a new “Mario + Rabbids” title, a “Persona” collection, “Neir: Automata”, classic and retro video games added to the Switch library, previews of upcoming games, and more. Overall, the Nintedo Direct Mini Showcase of June 2020 only lasted for 26 minutes, viewers weren’t expecting anything major, such as “Legend of Zelda: Breathe of the Wild 2″ news or a new “Super Mario World” adventure as it was announced to be a Direct Mini Showcase focused on third-party games.

New Games from Nintendo Direct Mini Partner Showcase June 2022

Mario + Rabbids: Spark of Hope

While it may seem as though Mario and Ubisoft’s “Rabbids” have had a long-standing relationship with several games under the “Mario + Rabbids” title, this will only be the second direct game that will feature the two franchises as one. In the original “Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle” players take part in turn-based battles that combine the tactical strategy and also the adventure genre to create something similar to the “Super Mario” console titles.

Classic Character Additions

Familiar faces from retro consoles will be making a splash on Nintendo Switch, and other consoles, in a mix of new, remastered, and collections of games. The Nintendo Direct Mini Showcase featured a collection of Mega Man games coming with “Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection Vol. 1″ and Vol. 2, Pac Man with the upcoming remaster of the original “Pac Man World”, “Pac Man World Re-Pac”, and the upcoming sequel to “Super Bomberman R”, “Super Bomberman R 2”.

New to Switch Games from June Nintendo Direct Mini Partner Showcase

Nier: Automata

“Nier: Automata”, from PlatinumGames, was released for most consoles in 2017, but with the June 2022 Nintendo Direct Mini Partner Showcase Nintendo unveiled that the hit-game from the popular franchise will be officially available on the Nintendo Switch on October 8th. Also launching for all consoles, “Nier: Automata: The End of YoRHa Edition” will also arrive on that date, with some interesting Switch exclusives.

Persona Collection

The “Persona” franchise has had a string playerbase for a long time with several generations of consoles involved with the series, such as “Persona 3” being a portable title for the PSP. A total of three games will be included in the “Persona” collection of games coming to the Nintendo Switch, and other consoles, such as the additions of “Persona 4 Golden” and “Persona 5 Royal” as well. However, “Persona 5 Royal” with be the first to arrive in October, with the earlier “Persona” games will be added in 2023.

Other Content from Nintendo Direct Mini Partner Showcase June 2022

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

While Nintendo showed a good amount of content headed to the Nintendo Switch in the coming months, and next year, one of the largest content drops announced to be headed to the system during the Nintendo Direct Mini Partner Showcase was the upcoming expansion to “Monster Hunter Rise” with Sunbreak.

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