Mega Man Reportedly In Development with Capcom and Fox


It’s a moment that nearly every Mega Man fan has been waiting for.  But will it work, and will it be successful?  Eh, we’re just happy for the news at this point.  20th Century Fox, Chernin Entertainment, and Capcom have announced plans to make a Mega Man movie.  No word on a director or actors, but one thing that’s a positive is that the producers are the one’s responsible for the Planet of the Apes revival.

Serious gamers might be pissed about the news.  And they have a right to be.  Most video games turned movies have been humongous failures.  Actually, can you think of a really successful video game turned movie?  Honestly you really can’t count them on one hand, perhaps not even one finger.   However, give what’s popular these days, Mega Man has a shot.

Plot-wise, Mega Man seems to fit in perfectly with today’s popular sci-fi landscape. The Hunger Games, Divergent and Maze Runner franchises all revolve around young people facing gigantic, technologically advanced threats in dystopian futures. Mega Man can fit right into that demographic, even though he’s not exactly the most famous video game character around these days.

What do you think?  Can Mega Man make it at the box office?

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