League of Legends Gets Animated

Riot Games has come out with yet another rather excellent cinematic, showing what it would be like if their 5v5 Summoner’s Rift matches were scripted by say, Pixar, instead of in the game itself.

I’d go off about how Riot needs to seriously get moving on a League of Legends animated movie or TV show before their star potentially fades, but I already wrote an entire article about that. The moral of the story? If your game has 120+ characters an 67 million players, USE THEM.

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  1. I agree that Riot could do much more than they are with League, but should they? Not everything needs to become a franchise simply because it has a lore. I’m fine with them not branching out because that gives them more time and attention to devote to working on the game. I think they could start with novellas or something for each champion or faction, and see where that goes. I think it’s nice that some things today don’t have to devolve into cash-ins and spin-offs.

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