The 20 Best Oculus Quest 2 Games Money Can Buy


Formerly known as Facebook Inc., Meta Platforms, Inc. brought forth Facebook Technologies, a division that has brought forth the virtual reality (VR) headset device known as the Oculus Quest 2. On September 16, 2020, Facebook Connect 7 unveiled the sequel to the original Oculus Quest device to an audience that had been salivating about it the moment rumors about the headset began to circulate. Currently, there are two versions of the Oculus 2 headset. There was a 64-gigabyte version that first came out, but it was replaced with a 128-gigabyte model as it was established the gaming industry has been coming up with games where the 64-gigabyte models would be too limited to make having one worthwhile. The Oculus Quest 2 is capable of operating as a standalone headset or as a connected device to Android-based operating systems. It can also work with desktop computers through the connection of a USB port or Wi-Fi connection. The Oculus Quest 2 is the successor to the original Oculus Quest, but does not weigh as heavy and has a series of performance upgrades. In addition to the headset receiving internal improvements, the same is said about the Oculus Touch controllers that come with it. These improvements have been installed to improve the ability for VR gaming to bring forth high-quality games that strive to encourage as much innovative game-play as possible for its users, especially since most of them are gamers. With the increasing disappointment of mainstream games coming from triple-A companies that have been letting even their most loyal customers down, more gamers are now looking to the Oculus Quest 2 as a means to escape a trend they’re not fond of. With the realization of remastered games now finding its way to appease gamers who have the Oculus Quest 2 device, not only are some classic games from the past working their way into the virtual reality world, so are newer ones that promise to be every bit as entertaining as they are immersive. Based on the combined reviews from experts and experienced gamers, a total of twenty games have been listed off as the best Oculus Quest 2 has to offer at this time. Of course, it’s all subject to opinion, but when the reviews are pooled together, the results speak for themselves.

20. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR

As a game, Skyrim is old and has gone into its tenth anniversary since its creation. As a VR gaming experience, it is now a whole new world and is loaded with possibilities. In its original state, Skyrim VR is entertaining enough. However, for gamers who know about mods and have them installed properly, they can easily catapult the overall value of the game to become far more worth it than its original value. For gamers who want to step into an old-world setting that brings a taste of Dungeons and Dragons to life, this would be the game to do it.

19. Tetris Effect

Tetris has been a game that has been a popular favorite among gamers who love working with puzzles. Players already familiar with how Tetris works will find themselves becoming susceptible to becoming highly addicted to a virtual reality version of the game, which is titled Tetris Effect. The mesmerizing graphics, combined with the urgency to fit the puzzle of blocks falling down to clear the gaming board, can easily become a highly addictive game that will cause the player to be completely lost in the VR world and forget about the real world.

18. A Fisherman’s Tale

Designed as a virtual reality puzzle game, A Fisherman’s Tale delivers what very few other Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2 games can provide to the player. Through the miniature model of the lighthouse set in the game, lift the roof and encounter something like an Alice in Wonderland experience. In addition to the gameplay where a miniaturized character has to solve puzzles of objects that now seem larger than life, there’s a quaint storyline about personal acceptance. This isn’t a long game to play but is among the few that can genuinely pass itself as high-quality.

17. Onward

The highly competitive Onward VR game for the Quest 2 pits five players against five players that require communication and strategy between the teammates in order to pull off a successful operation. The hit count is limited and in order to reload weapons, the player must physically perform this task. Onward is the closest thing to military realism as it gets for a gamer. There are a dozen Onward’s official maps as well as community-made maps as a means to prevent the game from becoming stale, especially among more regular players. There are so many details and features to the game that it wouldn’t be hard for a gamer to think they’re really out on the battlefield instead of playing from the luxury of their own home.

16. Lone Echo 2

Whether it’s the first Lone Echo or the Lone Echo 2, both of these VR games are awesome with the Quest 2 headset. While in gameplay, the player explores a spaceship in a zero-gravity environment. While the first Lone Echo strictly focused on solving puzzles, Lone Echo 2 now comes with a roster of enemies the player has to fight off. The best bet, as a gamer who wants the best possible experience of the puzzle-solving genre, don’t just to get Lone Echo 2 by itself. Also, get its predecessor and play that one first, then the second one. The two play off each other, in sequence, and is highly entertaining game that comes with an equally fascinating story.

15. Walkabout Mini Golf

One of the best achievements a virtual reality game can possibly pull off as a game is to create an experience that is as close to realism as possible. Walkabout Mini Golf offers this beautifully through the Oculus Quest 2 headset. This is also one of those VR games that can be played by any member of the family, which adds that much more value to an already incredible game.

14. The Climb 2

The sequel to the original Climb VR game is The Climb 2, which is a rock climbing simulation game that provides a great workout for the arms, not to mention offer awesome scenery as the gamer can reach as high as the sky while climbing. One of the greatest experiences a gamer can achieve while playing a virtual reality game is getting caught up in a simulation that is as close to the real experience as it gets. The Climb 2 helps achieve that with the challenge of grabbing ledges, ropes, and whatever else you can get a grip on. The key is to stay focused, just as real rock climbers do when they go on their expeditions. The scenery involved with the game is breathtaking, which adds that much more value to an already well-designed game. For fitness buffs, this is a great opportunity to work those arms, as well as sharpen those senses for better hand-eye coordination.

13. Myst

Myst is not a new game, but a cult favorite. Even while on the PC, the beautiful graphics, combined with the challenging puzzles, made this game an iconic favorite upon the timing it was first released. Now in virtual reality form, instead of staring at a flat-screen to solve the puzzles while exploring all the mysteries the landscape provides, it now feels like being in such a world at a more direct level. One of the best features of this game is that it’s full of suspense and leaves very little room for it to become dull.

12. Pistol Whip

It’s been around since the original Oculus Quest, but even in Quest 2, it’s a difficult game to beat in the gaming quality it provides. This is also a great game for people who feel they either need to get back in shape or stay in shape. This game is all about testing the sharpshooting skills of the player. It’s also rather hypnotic, which means as the gamer streams down the neon-lit corridors, the goal is to take out the bad guys without taking incoming fire. The music that plays through the game adds a little more drama to an already action-packed VR game.

11. Beat Saber

It is one of the most popular virtual reality games on the market for two main reasons. The first reason is it’s action-packed as the player wields the lightsaber to take out the targets as the music plays to set the mood according to the gameplay style. There are also extra music packs available should a gamer be interested to expand the playlist. The second reason that makes Beat Saber so popular is the fitness workout a player gets while playing. The entertainment value, combined with the fitness benefits, makes Beat Saber more than just one of the best games money can buy for the Quest 2, but also one of the best fitness programs.

10. Moss

As a small mouse, the gamer explores the virtual reality beauty of a world that one has to explore in order to solve the number of mysteries that exist within the game. Using the sword equipped in the mouse’s hand, fight off opponents that stand in the way of where the mouse needs to go. Although designed as an adventure game, the artwork involved makes the entire virtual reality environment oddly relaxing. This is a game ideal for players of all ages as there’s nothing creepy about it that could cause nightmares among gamers who simply want to have some fun.

9. Echo VR

For gamers who want to enjoy the closest thing to the feel of a zero-gravity experience, the Oculus Quest offers a three-on-three frisbee game that is as relentless as it is entertaining. In the hands of the player, the controls rely on the ability to catapult around and make the best possible use out of hand-eye coordination in order to beat the opponents. For gamers who also happen to be fans of sports, Echo VR offers what feels like an outer space playing field where if only the best teams will be able to pull off what seems like an impossible win.

8. Population: One

It’s flashy, but the battle royal gaming experience that comes from Population: One is nothing short of spectacular. Designed exclusively for the Oculus Quest and Quest 2, this game can almost pass as a VR version of the infamous Fortnite that has been one of the most influential games made going today. The purpose behind Population: One is a team of three players that will be dropped into hostile territory to collect weaponry and supplies in order to be the last group still standing once the vertical combat system plays itself out. Each surface seen in the game is deemed climbable. This adds intensity to the firefights as opposing teams will scramble to gain the advantage of high-ground first. The higher the teams can climb, the better. Once high enough, players can use wingsuits to fly into battles or travel about the map at a much quicker pace than having boots on the ground. In order to keep Population: One interesting for its loyal fan base of gamers, they constantly roll out new live events, as well as a number of updates to put in new content and possibly rip out outdated material the gamers seemed to have lost interest in.

7. Demeo

For a really good multiplayer gaming experience in VR, Demeo has proven to be a really good opportunity for four players to get together and use the gaming experience as a social event that no flatscreen game can hope to achieve. There are very few virtual reality games that are able to pull off what Demeco can. Together, the players pick their preferred character class and take on randomly generated dungeons. This game, already reviewed as one of the best Oculus Quest 2 games available, has set the bar for game developers to improve upon what’s so far the official benchmark to how the best social multiplayer games should be done.

6. Superhot VR

Although the game is older than the existence of the Oculus Quest 2, Superhot VR is still regarded as one of the best virtual reality games money can buy. This cinematic shooter offers a gamer a whole new level of experience that VR games should be doing. The game times its moves according to the player’s moves and will freeze when the player freezes. It’s as if the entire world within the game is a mirror that responds according to every move the gamer makes. Between last-second gun grabs and well-directed knife throws, the game continues to provide satisfaction in a manner that it’s worth more than its weight in gold. Fans of Superhot VR are hoping for a sequel.

5. Resident Evil 4

Playing Resident Evil 4 on a console or pc is one experience. Playing this horror-themed game while wearing a VR headset becomes an entirely different manner. The VR version of this game was designed exclusively for the Oculus Quest 2, and just in time for the 2020 holiday season. For gamers who are faint at heart, this is not the game to play as there are many scenes that add so much more drama to the Resident Evil 4 storyline. The game is meant to be intense as the ambiance setting is dark and ominous, exactly how a horror genre game or movie is supposed to be.

4. Asgard’s Wrath

According to IGN, Asgard’s Wrath is the first gaming of its kind that masters how to tell a story in VR format. While it’s already a beautiful enough game to play on the original Oculus Quest, it’s even better on the Oculus Quest 2. The first-person experience from this game is nothing short of amazing and is one of the golden gems of what the best in VR gaming is about. Getting lost as a gamer, as well as the beautiful scenery, is easy to do once that headset is on and the game has begun. Fans of the Viking lore will find Asgard’s Wrath as an ideal world to step into that so few VR games have been able to achieve with such beauty and clarity.

3. The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners

Skydance Interactive brings forth a game in VR format for players who think they may be able to handle the scary and gory realm of a world loaded with saints, sinners, and zombies. The Walking Dead’s Saints & Sinners offers a virtual reality combat game that also requires it to be played with strategy. It’s not an easy game to play, but one that will make a player feel they really are in a world that’s surrounded by the undead that cares about nothing else other than to devour their victims. If the zombies aren’t enough to worry about, there are a number of human characters in the game that threatens to make this survivalist game that much harder to succeed at than it seems.

2. Red Matter

One of the best-looking Oculus Quest games got even better due to the update to have the game match what the Oculus Quest 2 can do. What makes this one of the best games money can buy for the Quest 2 is there’s more to this game than how it looks in the virtual reality world. The focus behind the game is to solve puzzles within the brooding environment of an alternate timeline in space. Themed as if the Cold War is still ongoing, the gamer needs to utilize all the features that come with the spacesuit being used to move about in order to complete a series of tasks required. Fans of the game series known as Half-Life will find a similarity between both realms, which adds that much more appeal to an already impressive game.

1. Half-Life: Alyx

What Half-Life: Alyx provides is a virtual reality gaming experience, whether it be through the original Oculus Quest or the Oculus Quest 2, it is quite difficult to outdo what this game has been able to do. Alyx was built as a game by Valve specifically for virtual reality headsets. When this chapter of the Half-Life game series came out, it served as an example of how good a good VR game can be when done right. The attention to detail that’s given to this game, plus the interactive ability, storytelling, and scenery is nothing short of astounding. What adds that much more appeal to Alyx is the opportunity for players to make good use of the mods that have since found a way to merge themselves with the gameplay. For gamers who enjoy modding and know how to use mods without compromising the core integrity of the game, this allows replayability that can add so many more hours of entertainment.

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