Why Gamers Should Be Excited about Fornite on Valentine’s Day

Fortnite are well known for not being able to keep details of their upcoming releases under wraps. Dataminers seem to be able to find it almost too easy to find out about the skins, weapons and special events that Epic Games have planned. The latest Valentine’s Day releases are no exception to this and there is already a lot of discussion amongst players about what they can expect for Valentine’s Day.

Fortnite has a tradition of making a big deal over Valentine’s Day and this year is no exception. Most of the information that has been gained so far is being shared on Reddit and there is already a lot of talk about what players of the game can expect. In the past when these leaks have been made public they have gone on to be confirmed by Epic Games a few days later so there is no reason to suspect that any of the things that are being talked about will not be available.

The focus of Valentine’s Day this year seems to be based around the Dark Cupid challenges. Not much detail has been given away as yet about what these challenges may involve. It is likely that there will be daily challenges that take place over a few days. There has been no information released as of yet about what the rewards for completing these challenges will be. If this event follows the trends of the past, it is possible that you may be able to earn a new weapon. There may also be additional rewards such as extra V-bucks and upgrades to items that are already owned.

It also seems very likely that there will be a new Dark Ranger skin available. This skin is very similar to the Love Ranger that was made available during Valentine’s Day last year. Both skins make your character look as if they are made from stone. However, the Dark Ranger has purple eyes that are glowing and there are also lines which are etched into the stone. It is designed to be the inverse of the Love Ranger with a darker personality. Neither skin will increase the power of your character but you will now have the choice of the one that best reflects your personality.

If players do not already have the Love Ranger skin from last year then the Dark Ranger may have to be purchased. This has the potential to be annoying to new players that weren’t involved in the game this time last year. However, buying the Dark Ranger now may mean that there will be no costs involved in getting the skin that is released on next Valentine’s Day. It is possible to earn V-bucks, the currency that you use in the game to make purchases such as skins, just from playing the game so you do not necessarily need to spend any actual money on the game if you do not want to.

There have also been new weapons which have been released in the run up to Valentine’s Day. These are not part of the Valentine’s Day celebrations but instead were released in an update earlier on in the month. The most popular of these new weapons so far is the Bottle Rocket. These rockets need to be placed on the floor before they can be fired. However, once they start firing at their target, there is nothing else that the player needs to do which means they can focus on other attacks as they are able to continue moving around while the rocket does its job. This is the first weapon that players have been able to leave completely unattended and so the fact that it is something completely unique has meant it has been very well received.

There has been no official word yet from Epic Games about exactly what they have planned for Valentine’s Day. However, with not long to go before the big day, and the fact that the event is likely to start a few days early, this announcement should not be far away. The announcement may just be confirmation of the leaks that are already out there but fans will still hold on to some hope that there may be a surprise that no one has managed to uncover yet.

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