A Gallery of the Baddest Bosses of Earthbound

Fun fact: I’ve never played Earthbound.

Yes, it might sound like blasphemy that the closest I’ve ever gotten to the game was saying “who the f*ck is that?” when Ness showed up as a mystery challenger in Super Smash Bros. 64.

I don’t know how, but I just missed this whole series, and honestly couldn’t tell you what they were about. Some kids with psychic powers fighting giant bugs? Am I on the right track?

Anyway, for true fans out there, you’ll appreciate this art series which features some of the more memorable boss encounters from the game. They’re from Matt Cummings, and I think he’s done quite a fine job with them indeed. Check them out below:

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  1. Wtf Paul. A meteorite crashed and Ness went to investigate it. He then was thrown into a mission, by a bug from the future, to seek out earth powers in order to defeat a boss which will take over the earth in the future and needs to be defeated in the present before his powers become too overwhelming.


  2. im pretty sure anyone could have wiki’d that and gotten a more intelligent and in-depth answer than that. Im guessing he was more referring to the ever present animosity built against such boss characters that made old RPG games so memorable. I never played the game either, and when i realized i may have missed out on a legendary game i spent some time playing, but honestly it just did not click for me. I don’t know what it was exactly but it just did not seem fun.

  3. This art brings back a lot of good memories. Earthbound is definitely worth checking out. It’s a great game with a quirky sense of humor. I think you’d especially like it because the battling and exploration is so similar to Pokemon. In fact, I’m pretty sure the original pokemon’s red and blue were based off of Earthbound, at least that’s how it feels to me.

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