For Commander Shepard’s Day Off

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Huh, I seem to be finding a lot of female geek fashion products lately between Pikachu dresses, Boba Fett purses and now Mass Effect  N7 leggings, which I might deem the most awesome of all.

Every girl on earth wearing black leggings at some point during the year (usually for a solid chunk of it), so why not spice things up by making them N7-issue? They can be bought here, though I think they may be sold out for the time being due to how ridiculously awesome they are. Ridiculously oversize combat boots not included.

Don’t worry guys, you can still be cool too. Here’s a jacket you might like. But I have to say the leggings still come out on top.


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  1. @WakyWizerd: the boots really do make the outfit

    I would buy these in a heartbeat if they weren’t so expensive. These are definitely on my xmas list tho.

    Have you seen the Miranda leather biker jacket for sale on Etsy? It’s pretty legit.

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