Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Game – Leatherface Gameplay Tips

There is no doubt that the main draw with the Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Game, is the fact that players will have the opportunity to jump into the ‘skin’ of Leatherface himself. Out of all the killers, he’s the most unique. He comes with mechanics that ring true to his appearance within the actual movies. Thus, he also has a degree of brutality, making him a standout on his roster. As expected, he is rather sluggish and comes with relatively high damage output. There is a particular way to play him that takes timing and a certain amount of patience.

Leatherface comes armed with his classic chainsaw, which can be used in a number of ways. Unlike the cook or the hitchhiker, Leatherface isn’t involved with nearly trapping his victims. Instead, he’s all about chasing them down and inflicting massive damage. It can take a little getting used to his hunting methods. Despite his motorized killing machine in hand, there are ways to be a little stealthy with Leatherface. He can turn off his chainsaw and sneak around if a player chooses to.

The thing about Leatherface is that he always starts in the basement, or lower levels, of a map. On top of that, the victims will also spawn in the same area. So, the beginning of every match will entail escaping the clutches of Leatherface. Generally speaking, a Leatherface player most likely won’t score any kills at the start of the game unless they are highly versed with the map. This segment is just for kicking off the match and letting the victims scatter like mice.

Leatherface’s Abilities

So, since Leatherface is the “king of the saw,” he comes with the Maim ability. He can chase down and take chunks off a victim’s HP rapidly. The thing is that the saw has various levels of damage output depending on how revved up it is. Starting up the chainsaw is very similar to cranking up a generator in The Last of Us. A short mini-game prompt will show up and players will need to time pushing a button to fill in a meter. So, if you do this a few times over, it will supercharge the chainsaw. Which, in turn, will enable Leatherface to do a one-hit kill.

The trade-off here is, of course, time. Supercharging the chainsaw is a little time-consuming and victims will flee. So, it’s up to the player’s description on how they want to juice up the chainsaw. Additionally, Leatherface also has the ability to destroy trap doors and barricades. This will create choke points around the map, funneling victims to other places that could corner them. Considering that other members spawn either inside or outside the facility, the goal is to chase victims to their vicinity.

Leatherface’s Attributes

Since Leatherface’s main focus is maiming, his Savagery (+45) is his strongest asset. He can tear down victims with only a few hits. On a surprising note, Leatherface also comes with rather high Endurance (+35). So, he can pursue and swing his chainsaw for a lengthy amount of time. If a victim is running toward the road at the end of a match, Leatherface is the best choice to chase them down. He closes in on victims fast. Especially if they’re injured. Not to mention he can kill victims on his own without much assistance. It is all about the timing of starting up the chainsaw. Try and supercharge it whenever possible for one-hit kills. Try doing this at the start of the match, with any luck, a player might be able to take down at least one victim when in the basement.

On the other side of things, Leatherface isn’t efficient when it comes to Harvesting (+10). Feeding Grandpa is an important feature in Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Game and it should be utilized. It is best to let other family members take care of the blood harvesting and let Leatherface just go after the victims. Otherwise, players will be just wasting their time. Don’t forget to turn off the chainsaw every once and a while. This will enable Leatherface to sneak around the map and scout for victims. Once a victim is spotted, try and line up the chase then restart the chainsaw.

Leatherface’s Skills

Through Attribute Points, players can unlock perks throughout Leatherface’s skill tree. Every character comes with their own skill tree in Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Game. In the case of Leatherface, there are a few different builds to try out. Now, everyone’s playstyle is different and players are free to tweak their characters with perks. So, try and focus on speeding up Leatherface’s revving up of the chainsaw. Also, increasing his overall speed wouldn’t hurt, either.

Players can try out increasing his blood Harvesting if they want. However, Leatherface is best suited for inflicting damage. Perhaps, unlocking perks that enable Leatherface to destroy barricades and doors faster, could help. Focus on perks that spice up his chainsaw. That is what Leatherface is all about. Most of the other killers kind of fall under the “support class” while Leatherface leans more toward “assault.” So, try and build him up accordingly. With the right loadout, Leatherface can easily overtake a match and kill all the victims without much trouble.


Playing as Leatherface brings the quintessential experience with Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Game. It will take some practice to master the feel of Leatherface. There are some strategic nuances to him that some players could overlook. With the right perks in place, Leatherface can become a wrecking ball that can dominate every match. The full version of Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Game will be available for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC on August 18th.

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