Overwatch 2: How To Play as Solider 76

Overwatch 2 definitely is starting to gain steam. Even though it has had a rather rough launch, it appears that things are finally underway. Now, when it comes to Overwatch, there is a fair share of eccentric characters to choose from. With this sequel, there is a hefty mix of both old and new fighters to try out. Even though the original roster is making a comeback, there is no doubt that there has been a number of tweaks put into them.

One, in particular, is Solider 76. He has been around since day one. Fundamentally, speaking, he’s the most accessible character. Especially, for players who are well-versed in other first-person shooters. In fact, he’s probably the “go-to” choice for newbies to Overwatch. With that said, there are still some quirks to Solider 76 that need to be acknowledged in order for him to be as efficient as possible.

Being an ‘Offense Character,’ Soldier 76 is all about dishing out as much damage as possible. He is a well-rounded character that is kind of an expert at a little bit of everything. His four abilities are; Helix Rockets, Sprint, Biotic Field, Heavy Pulse Rifle, and Tactical Visor. These abilities offer a range of benefits that come in the guise of demolition, aiming, and even healing. Therefore, Solider 76 offers a little bit of everything for casual players.

He’s a good choice for new players who are dipping their toes into the world of Overwatch 2. He comes with pretty high damage and can take a beating. Even though he is under the ‘Offense’ category, he also works remarkably well in defensive positions. He is pretty flexible in that regard. Hence, he can be a prime choice for any type of game mode.

Fights In Sights

No doubt, that Solider 76 is probably the most comfortable fighter in the pack. He’s quick on his feet and can be very adaptable. His abilities are generally for holding up the entire team for as long as possible. Even though they may seem generic, these abilities can really buff up a well-organized team. Some even stack on top of other characters’ traits.  Even though a seasoned Overwatch 2 player can hold their own with Solider 76, being in the right team can double his threat level.

Helix Rockets

This is a secondary fire to Soldier 76’s pulse rifle. If a player hits an enemy directly, they can do 120 damage. Alternatively, they can also spark up to 60-80 damage with splash damage. This can be ideal for a quick one-shot kill. Thus, they also come in handy for sniping positions, as well. Especially, considering they have a remarkable range. Just keep in mind that they can also do splash damage on the player themselves. Depending on how close they are to the explosion. They can offer up to 20-40 damage and can sometimes lead to accidental self-fragging.


This ability is pretty self-explanatory. Players will need to hold down a button to double Soldier 76’s speed. It has virtually no cooldown and players are free to spam it as much as they want. Everything from dodging projectiles to traversing, sprint should be used constantly. Thus, sprint can also be used to strafe in circles. This can really come in handy when fighting toe to toe against Tracer, Genshin, and other light-footed characters.

Biotic Field 

This is the only ability in Solider 76’s loadout that doesn’t center on destruction. In fact, it offers the complete opposite. Players will set down a small beacon, which will heal themselves and other players. It only lasts up to 5 seconds and it generally heals 35 HP per second. Ideally, players would want to do this when other teammates are around. Hence, supporting tanky characters during the midst of a firefight can turn the tide pretty quickly. This ability takes 15 seconds to cool down, so waiting for it can seem like an eternity during heated showdowns. Another handy tip is that it is also possible to make the beacon mobile. Players can place it on moving platforms if need be. This is especially true when escorting payloads.

Heavy Pulse Rifle

This is Solider 76’s primary weapon. It is a standard assault rifle that fires pulse rounds in rapid succession. It comes with a recoil that will pull the weapon up. Therefore, players will need to

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