Star Wars Jedi: Survivor – The Coolest Blaster Parts To Find

One welcomed addition to Jedi: Survivor is the inclusion of a blaster. Even though Cal Kestis doesn’t truly need it, it is still nice to have for a variety of reasons. It gives this game a little extra edge with its combat. Having a lightsaber handy is nice, but sometimes it can’t solve every problem. A good old-fashioned blaster is an adequate alternative for clearing out rooms of enemies. Just like every other facet of this game, the blaster can be customized by acquiring different parts. One would assume that the varying components for the blaster will somehow upgrade it, but it doesn’t.

No, all of the parts are just for visual appeal. With that said, there are numerous ways to tinker with Cal’s blaster to truly make it unique. Just about every part of this weapon can be switched out. Mainly, the barrel, grip, and body can all be customized, making almost an unlimited array of possibilities on how Cal’s blaster can look. In order to find these items, players will need to actively search for them throughout the map. There are also special parts to find by trading in Bounty Pucks. These are found by hunting down bounty hunters which are documented on the Bounty Board in Pyloon’s Saloon.

There are a total of 39 parts for Cal’s Blaster in Jedi: Survivor. Some are easier to find than others, for sure. When it comes Star Wars, there is no other weapon in the galaxy that is as nuanced as a blaster. There are entire books written that catalog all the different variations of this weapon. The following list will point out the most visually striking blaster parts that can be found in this game. Some are rather classic in their design while others can look quite alien.

DL-44 (Complete Set)

  • When it comes to blasters, none are more recognizable than the DL-44. This gun is the exact model used by Han Solo throughout the original trilogy. This blaster is only available for players who purchased the Deluxe Edition of the game, however. So, to access it is pretty simple. Just go to any workstation and it should be available to be put together.

Caij Vanda (Complete Set)

  • Throughout the campaign of Jedi: Survivor, Cal will need to face quite a few Bounty Hunters that are sniffing him out. There is a total of 13 of them, in fact. This can be a rather epic side quest to complete. If, by any chance, a player manages to take them all out, they will have a face-off with Caij Vanda. She will be located at Koboh near the Devastated Settlement Fast Travel Point at the footing of the ruined temple. After a rather brutal fight, Cal will be rewarded with her blaster. It’s a thin, slick, metallic pistol with a curved handle. It is somewhat similar to what Leia uses in Battlefront II.

Model 13 (Complete Set)

  • By talking to Caij, earlier in the game, in Plyloon’s Saloon she will be offering a variety of pistol parts in exchange for Bounty Pucks. In this instance, the grip and barrel for the Model 13 can be purchased from her. The body, however, will take a little work to hunt down. It can be found in the Republic Research Library over at the Shattered Moon. When put together, it is a rather flashy-looking blaster. It looks somewhat like a futuristic Desert Eagle. It has a long, thick barrel and a hollow, curved grip. So, if a player is looking for a blaster that has some style, the Model 13 is the way to go.

Showdown (Complete Set)

  • The Showdown is one blaster that could fit right in within its Earthly counterparts. Its body and barrel can be purchased over at Caij’s place at the Saloon. Its grip, however, will take some work to hunt down. Over at the Observatory Understructure at Kobah, there is a secret platform hiding in the lower levels. Simply jump down to find it. The complete set of the Showdown Blaster looks like a longer variation of a Baretta. It has a smooth, silver lining and a short grip. It’s a good blaster choice for any player that is looking for something more relatable.

Arakyd Heavy (Complete Set)

  • The barrel can be found over at Koboh within the Hunter’s Quarry and Rambler’s Reach border. Cal will need the Lift and Slam Force Power unlocked in order to obtain it. Look for a barrel that is chained up. Just lift it up and smash it down to get the barrel. Then, over at the Southern Reach Fast Travel Point, make your way up onto the Corroded Silo. Use the slam ability to break through the roof. Drop down and take the zipline and complete a wall running segment to reach a platform higher up. There will be a chest with the body waiting there. Lastly, over at the Untamed Downs, head left from the Fast Travel Point at the Bygone Settlement. There will be a red colored chest that will need an electro dart to open. The grip will be there. The Arakyd Heavy Blaster is an intimidating piece. It looks very similar to a Magnum 47 with its long barrel and robust body.


The aforementioned blasters are only a taste of what players can find in Jedi: Survivor. Not only can separate parts be switched out but also the colors. There is a multitude of ways for a player to experiment with their blaster to make it completely their own. In all fairness, the customization feature in this game is part of the fun and some players get great joy in playing dress up with their avatars. Jedi: Survivor is now available for Playstation, Xbox, and PC.

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