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The Greatest Genzoman Gallery on God’s Green Grasscape

So we feature a lot of art from the fantastic site DeviantArt here, but I noticed that we were featuring one artist more than any other. His name is Genzoman, and all I know about him is that he’s an illustrator from Chile. And a damn good one at that.

He’s created some of my favorite works of art over the past year or so, and you’ll remember them when you see them in this gallery. I raided his page and pulled my favorite works of his out of it, and I think you’ll agree with me that he’s pretty fantastic at what he does. Someone get this guy a job doing concept art for games or his own comic series, if he doesn’t have one already.

From Tekken to Street Fighter to Harry Potter to 300 to Braveheart to Warcraft to Zelda to Avatar: The Last Airbender and more, check out Genzoman’s gallery below:

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  1. Seriously, this guy is complete trash. I’m so sick of everyone fawning over him and his “artwork.” Why don’t you people get some taste and realize that he’s a hack and all he does is hit the bullet points of what’s popular and churn out this crap as fast as he can.

    1. Anime style – CHECK
    2. “Epic” video game characters – CHECK
    3. Elf women with boobs – CHECK


    He has absolutely NO understanding of anatomy or proportion. There are so many anatomical errors in his figures, it blows my mind.

    EVERY COMPOSITION has ridiculous swirls of mist or energy in it. There are other ways to compose a picture, but he doesn’t get that or doesn’t care.

    All of his backgrounds are photos (which he probably just Googles) that he then runs a couple of Photoshop filters over. How about actually DRAWING a background, Genzoman?

    He has NO sense of composing with color because almost all of his colors are 100% saturated. So basically take the reddest red, the bluest blue, the yellowest yellow, etc. etc. and chuck them all into the same picture. It hurts my eyes.

    To close, I will say that very RARELY he creates a piece which isn’t as bad as the others, but in general, he’s extremely overrated and is not as talented as his fans make him seem to be.

    He’s merely POPULAR, but he’s definitely not GOOD. People need to stop and take a more critical look before showering him with praise.

    P.S. His Santa Claus looks like a homeless pedophile trying to lure children into his sack.

  2. This guys artwork is very shady…. Like the guy above me said, his characters anatomy is funky at times. IMO he seems to be ripping off backgrounds, armor, weapons, etc. and basically making a collage.

  3. Wow, Genzoman Sucks – I have never seen so much butthurt in one post in all my time on the internet. I’d love to see your fabulous work sometime. Wait, you probably suck. I’ll bet you knocked the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as a kid because there were anatomical errors. They’re FICTIONAL CHARACTERS, you stupid, stupid person. Hyung-Tae Kim is another excellent artist. His figures aren’t really anatomically correct either but seriously, aside from you, who whines about that?

    And if you or that other tool hidan2 had watched his tutorial video of how he made the magazine cover of ImagineFX #71, the background was original, with the exception of a rock texture. Big deal. But continue making your sweeping generalizations. Both of you are a pile of fail.

  4. Brad you sound mad bro. Sorry to say but this guy is awful. There’s a reason he’s still doing all these small time projects. Only the typical wannabe artist fanboi… such as yourself, would dickride a scrub reject artist like this DERP. Don’t like other people’s opinions? GTFO the internet HAHAHAHA

  5. Brad, unlike you, I won’t stoop to personal insults against you because of your opinion. I presented my opinion backed by verifiable facts which anyone with an objective eye can see when looking at Genzoman’s work — you simply called names and hurled personal insults while hiding behind the anonymity of the internet.

    To respond to your points:

    -I make my living as a commercial illustrator. Whether I suck or not is a matter of opinion, which is subjective. To each his own.

    -I grew up with (and loved) TMNT, so I have no idea what angle you’re going for there.

    -Hyung Tae Kim is an amazing artist, and the fact that you lump him in with Genzoman churns my stomach. HTK UNDERSTANDS anatomy and proportion. He simply chooses to exaggerate (not break it) and that’s his style. Genzoman makes consistent anatomical errors which are NOT part of any style. (Perspective errors, huge anatomical inconsistencies within a single figure, poorly drawn faces, bones bending in ways that are not possible, etc.)

    HTK’s use of color is worlds more sophisticated than Genzoman’s as well. As I stated, Genzo typically uses super saturated colors which assault the eye. HTK knows where to use saturated color and where to tone it down. Again, the comparison is extremely unfair to HTK.

    And finally, HTK’s composition skills far outweigh Genzoman’s. Genzoman typically does a single (or two) character shot from head to toe in his pictures. And very rarely do we see the characters doing something meaningful that helps to tell a story. (That’s a big part of illustration.) HTK composes pictures and poses his characters in a huge variety of ways compared to Genzoman. He has real skill and intelligence that he employs when he illustrates, unlike Genzoman who just pumps out junk.

  6. you guys realy need to cool down, its an artwork ok.

    and the dude that keeps crying about anatomy needs to realize that that’s not what art is about, it’s about entetaining and inspiring people and that’s exatly what genzoman does.

    so stop wining like a couple of little girls

  7. Pat, I didn’t realize we needed your permission to have a debate here. Nobody’s forcing you to read these comments.

    As for anatomy not being important — haha, that gave me a good chuckle. I can think of several hundred years worth of spectacular artists (and art appreciators) who would disagree with that statement. Again, there’s a difference between STYLIZED anatomy (which is fine) and SHIT anatomy (which is what Genzo presents).

    In the context of manga/comic/superhero pin ups where the characters are the central focus, (which Genzo does ad nauseum), anatomy is VERY, VERY important, and to claim otherwise is completely ignorant.

    Shitty art will always be shitty art. Whether you choose to like it or not is your business.

    Artists that choose NOT to learn from their mistakes and improve their skills will always be shitty artists — just like Genzoman.

  8. I’ve been spending at least the past 1-2yrs learning everything from perspective, anatomy, and even geometry to better myself as an artist. It’s obvious genzoman is nothing more than some incompetent-greedy-std-whore among the art world…. The guy knows he’s not capable of more…. He’s limited to mostly doing craptastic comissions for wannabe inbred mangakas, who watch too much anime and play too many RPGs.

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