A Gallery of Great Venture Bros. Cosplay

It’s a well known fact to most that The Venture Bros. is currently the greatest animated show on TV. If you don’t know that, consider yourself informed and now go out and get the box set to catch up.

The show is more or less a spoof of the old Jonny Quest cartoon, which I know I loved from my childhood, and many of you probably did as well. But it’s now grown far beyond that in it’s fourth season, and has really become it’s own unique thing.

This gallery showcases some devoted fans cosplaying different characters from the show, which as you can see, contains some good looking animated ladies that translate into good looking real life ladies. Dr. Mrs. The Monarch is the majority of the goodness in the gallery, but there are great costumes for almost every character. Check them out below.

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  1. If this were a year ago I would agree with you that this is the best animated show, but since finishing all of season 5 of “Futurama” over the holidays I would say that it is a very close tie b/w the 2. I don’t know if it was b/c “Futurama” has been gone for so long, or if it’s b/c the jokes have become more mature, but I would say that season 5 is currently it’s best season.

    As for the cosplay, the original opening picture to this post is the best, next would be the Dr. Girlfriend that Doc Hammer is with (I think it may be the same girl…oh and tell me how awesome yet weird it would be to bone a groupie dressed up as a character that you created). Then the Dr. Girlfriend dressed in the Jakie-o outfit sitting in the computer chair. The Brock Samson is a fail IMO.

    Anyways thanks for the cool post.

  2. Wow, that guy is NOT qualified to even attempt cosplaying Brock Samson. But then again, I imagine that there are only a handful in the world who could pull it off convincingly.

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