My Little Cthulhu


Alright, it may be possible that My Little Pony is becoming the new Disney Princesses around here, but not by choice, I assure you. I did actually come across a link to Disney Princess themed lingerie that I passed up in favor of this post. That’s a bridge too far I think, even for me.

Anyway, instead of transforming into raptors today, we have My Little Pony being infected by Cthulhu, the monster whose name I cannot pronounce because I’ve never hear anyone actually say it out loud. Is it Cha-Thul-Hu? I don’t know what “Cth” sounds like when you try to verbalize it.

The mutated pony art is from Bigshot Toyworks, meaning hopefully these will be made into action figures someday, barring permission from the Lovecraft estate.




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  1. Lovecraft said the names of his creatures are effectively unpronounceable in human language. David is about as close as we are meant to get, although there is an accepted inflection that can’t really be conveyed in print.

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