6 Games I Am Praying Get Revealed at E3 This Year


I know by the time you are reading this, most of my theories in here will be either proven or dis-proven. Keep in mind, I am writing this Friday, June 7th. So as of right now, this is ALL still wishful thinking. Another quick aside before we jump right in. Chances are a few of these will be announced, and there are good chances that a few of them wont. This is not about me assessing what is coming out and judging based on that. This is solely a list of me nerding out and naming games I pray get announced or shown. I just thought it would be cool to see (by the time this is published) how many of these E3 wishes of mine come true.

Well, here they are….

Red Dead Redemption 2: Salvation

red dead

” I shall jam my knife into its mouth. That seems smart!”

Okay, first off, I totally made that name up. There is no Salvation subtitle coming that I know of. Hell, I am not even sure if Red Dead 2 is coming. But if it were, I would think it would have an awesome name that like. All I know is Red Dead is one of the best games I ever played in my entire life. Usually, when that happens, sequels happen, too.

You know Rockstar is not stupid and is definitely working on this game. Thing is, they have told us little and showed us nothing. My prayer for this year at E3 is that they show us this game is definitely happening.

Ideally, I would LOVE for it to be a prequel that puts us back on John Marsten’s shoes from back-in-the-days when he was kind of a scumbag. I played my John really nice. I want a version to play a more nefarious John. Everyone is saying this is the year Rockstar will finally show Agent, but I would rather see Red Dead 2.

Resident Evil 7


This game sucks ass, but I am willing to give the series ONE more chance.

Please don’t smash me over the head or anything for this one. I know and concur that Resident Evil 6 was not a RE game. It was more like an Uncharted game that wanted to be have God of War dramatic moments and that wanted to be scary and wanted to have sex with Michel Bay. It wanted a lot. Oh, and I know, it sucked.

But I also know the company is aware of the public outcry against that game, and have heard rumors that the next Resident Evil will be more like the classics. In other words, scary, atmospheric, and scarce ammo. I know The Evil Within was supposed to take that crown from RE, but the more I see of that game, the more it looks like one of the later versions of RE.

Give me a brand new RE. Give me one character. Get a focused, new story. Set it in one or two places at most, and most of all, scare the shit out of my pants like your old games used to. They need to come strong, cuz RE6 ruined the franchise for the rest of us.

New Star Wars Game


The destructible environments of the Snowblind engine would work great in this series.

I know we are most likely getting Battlefront, and I am okay with that. I just want to F around in the Star Wars universe before they drop the new movies on us. I have had Star Wars heavy on the brain (as you can see here) and think it would be wise to let us play around a bit in that universe before it explodes in popularity again upon the new releases.

Thing is, I want something all new. A new Battlefront will be fun, and probably look and play great. But give me something all new. I am still bitter about Star Wars 1313, and wish that would happen. That, to me, seemed like a cool idea and a game I would have loved to play.

How about a straight, video game adaptation of the first three films? Imagine playing some of those moments on current gen hardware? That would be a dream come true. I know it wont happen, but sometimes if you dream aloud, you help the process along.

Mass Effect 4


I wanna play an orgy mini game with all these characters at once.

File this one under “likely to get revealed”. The truth is, I am just super curious to see where this franchise goes. They dropped the ball at the end of the trilogy, and I would like to think they are willing to pick it back up and try again. Thing is, none of us really know anything about it.

Will we be Shepard again, just macking mad space ass? Will we be in all new crew on an all new journey? Will it be action RPG or some other genre? These are all things I want answered, and am looking forward to going back into space with this stellar series. Normally. I detest the sequel machine. But so far, with this series, they still got me. Let’s see if four can still keep on board the proverbial Normandy for another game.

Fallout 4


Please please please please please please make this happen soon. For the sake of the V.A.T.S system.

The time I put into Fallout 3 could best be called epic. We are talking 100+ hours, pretty much played the game for about a year’s time. I just could not find myself ever putting the controller down. I would have these six hour game stretches that I thought were two hours. It was insane. But EVERYTHING about that game (hell, even the glitches) I loved.

I thought the destroyed DC was an awesome setting, and the variety of characters and things you could do was seemingly endless and always entertaining. I really need some Fallout 4 news soon. It might be the game I most jonesing for.

Rumors that have leaked so far are that the game will take place in a destroyed version of Boston. Considering I lived just outside Boston my entire life, you guys have no idea the nerdgasm this would give me were it proven true.

The Last Guardian


I need to be best friends with this beast, stat.

HAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. (continues laughing at self for three hours). When will my stupid ass stop dreaming? Apparently, never.

Come on, Team Ico. This HAS to happen. Please, make this happen. I still feel like the 2009 trailer for this game is one of the most powerful trailers I have ever seen in gaming, and I NEED to hang out with that Griffin beast. I know this one is a long shot, but I will never give up on this dream. Hell, Starcraft Ghost almost made the list. Now THAT would have been a pipedream.

Alright, so how did I do? What games do (or did) you hope would get announced? Hit me up in the comments and lets back-and-forth about this.

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  1. I didn’t even dream of Red Dead being on the list but now I am all pathetically excited for a dream that will be smashed over the next few days.

    I am still confused as to why The Last Guardian hasn’t come out–they have so much gameplay footage in that trailer and it’s been 5 YEARS. Sigh.

    1. You wont be alone in your dashed dreams. Take solace in that. And regarding Last Guardian, I heard the game was all but done but the A.I of the creature was awful and getting you killed or mostly ignoring you. Rumor is they wanted to work it with better tech to see if they could get something more life like. God, I hope it worked….

    1. You are no fool. That was the greatest trailer of all time, pretty much. I will not let myself die until I experience that game. Sony kinda manipulated us on that one, my friend.

  2. Red Dead 2 is already out, it is called Red Dead Redemption

    Red Dead 1 was Red Dead Revolver

    Be glad that IGN had to retract a story where they put it out there that The Last Guardian was cancelled, this was quickly denied by the makers and by Sony

    1. I feel your correction, but also feel that is a bit of a nerd nit-pick. Rockstar took the original Red Dead out of canon. Rockstar bought the game, and made it their own. If you called their first Red Dead Red Dead 2 they would probably slap you. Also, I point out the “wishful thinking” aspect of Last Guardian in the section where I talk about it.

  3. I feel your correction, but also feel that is a bit of a nerd nit-pick. Rockstar took the original Red Dead out of canon. Rockstar bought the game, and made it their own. If you called their first Red Dead Red Dead 2 they would probably slap you. Also, I point out the “wishful thinking” aspect of Last Guardian in the section where I talk about it.

    1. Nintendo will show the one Nintendo game I am interested in. Bayonetta 2. I know this will happen. Still wont make me buy a WiiU though.

  4. Resident Evil is done. Even if they were to get back to their “roots” and give us a game where all you had to defend yourself was a knife with only 10 total health packs throughout the entire game, and made it as atmospheric as possible….everyone would call it a rip-off of Slender or Amnesia or something. Today’s gamers (say 20 and younger) simply don’t understand that Resident Evil was once considered one of the scariest game ever.

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