Midnight Ghost Hunt will be a New Spooky PVP Title

The publisher of Valheim is jumping into the PVP craze with Midnight Ghost Hunt. This retro Ghostbusters inspired title takes the idea of chasing specters and turns everything on its head. Players will take turns playing both the ghost hunters and the ghosts. This game doesn’t have much of a story to speak of, and it doesn’t really need one. The idea behind this game is self-evident. Which is playing “hide and seek” while playing as a supernatural entity. This new IP will have a variety of maps that spans all kinds of locations. Places such as a pirate ship, mansion, and an abandoned theatre will be available to check out. These maps don’t just differ in aesthetics, either. They all offer new and experimental ways to best your opponents. It is almost like the maps are playable characters in their own right. This IP is highly interactive and there will be almost unlimited ways to hide and fight other players.

Midnight Ghost Hunt is shooting to be a true sandbox PVP game unlike any other. There is a multitude of ways to manipulate the environment and win matches. Even though the PVP sub-genre is getting a little crowded these days, there really hasn’t been one that revolves around busting ghosts.  It is a fun concept to think about and this new IP certainly has potential. The way the matches unfold is chaotic and bursting at the seams with action. Both parties have ways to fight back and it can really become a slugfest toward the end of a round. With that said, there is a lot to learn about this game that many players may miss just by watching the trailer.

Ecto Blasting Goodness

Midnight Ghost Hunt will offer 4v4 matches. Obviously, with each side teaming up with either the ghosts or the hunters. Even though a trailer for this game dropped at E3 a few years ago, it has nowhere to be seen for some time. For whatever reason, this title is starting its rear its head again and stoking some new interest. In fact, there is a new closed Beta happening this Friday on the 28th which will run until Sunday the 30th. There have been some other Betas in the past, but this one will showcase some of the improvements since then. Even though the current king of chilling PVP action is Dead by Daylight, one limitation that game has is not being able to fight back. With this game, players can knock each other around with almost a slapstick type of humor which gives it kind of a light-hearted approach.

The way Midnight Ghost Hunt works is that ghosts run around the map, possessing decorations, furniture, and other props. They can hide in there for a period of time, however, the hunters have some kind of “P.K.E meter” that can zero in on their location. However, the kicker is that ghosts can animate these objects and use them as weapons. Potted plants can be hurled, statues can zoom down the hallways and couches can be used at battering rams. On the other side of the spectrum, the hunters have quite a few tricks up their sleeves, too. They come equipped with a backpack that is attached to a sort of plasma cannon. They can fire upon where the ghosts are hiding and shattered it into a thousand glistening pieces of plasmic energy. Then, the pieces are sucked up like a vacuum cleaner. Additionally, the hunters also come with a salt-firing shotgun, sledgehammers, and other perks.

Phantasmic Fun

Thusly, the ghosts in Midnight Ghost Hunt are no slouches, either. They can have the ability to see through walls, transformer in a doppelganger of the hunters, and summon a miasma to help them out. Each side comes with a variety of perks that players can utilize to mold their avatar to play in a way that complements their style. This game is very team-focused. Communication will be key to coordinating attacks and hunting down your targets. The goal of each match is to sniff out the specters and capture them before midnight. Because when a clock strikes midnight and a ghost is still free, things can get pretty hairy. Having differing abilities can create a harmonic balance between each squad. Everything from using a perk to boost speed to having another perk to heal other teammates is essential. It’s really no different than building a well-rounded squad on Overwatch.

As mentioned before, if a match is still going on after midnight, the roles are flipped. The ghosts will mutate into a charged-up variation of themselves and they can really wreak havoc on the hunters. Hence, the hunters become the prey and Midnight Ghost Hunt can become a very different animal. Therefore, avoiding “The Witching Hour” is the best idea to stick with while playing a match. If the Witching Hour does indeed kick-off, the hunters must find ways to survive the ordeal within a small amount of time. This gives every match a sense of urgency and it can really heighten the tension. Not only will the ghosts be enemies for the hunters, but also time itself. There is a lot to juggle with this game, that is for sure.

Spectral Slap Down

There is definitely a lot to digest with Midnight Ghost Hunt. It setting itself up to be something that stands apart from its PVP brethren. It is not necessarily aiming to be a gritty horror title by any stretch of the imagination. It appears to be more of a tongue-in-cheek adaptation of ghost hunting. Honestly, there is nothing wrong with that, because sometimes the gaming community could use a palette cleanser with something that is becoming a tad stale. There is no release date locked in for this title right now. The developers assure everyone that one will be announced in the near future. In the meantime, the closed Beta that is launching this weekend should be enough to hold some players over. Midnight Ghost Hunt will be available for the PC upon launch.

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