10 Crucial Dead by Daylight Tips

Dead by Daylight is a survival horror. However, it is important to note that it is an asymmetric multiplayer game with one side being the survivors who must escape and the other side being the killer who must pursue the survivors. As such, Dead by Daylight can be a very different experience depending on which role the player has taken on. Here are five tips for the survivors:

Focus on the Generators

There are a couple of ways for the survivors to win. One, they can repair five of the generators, thus enabling them to open the Exit Gates for their getaway. Two, they can wait until their numbers have been whittled down enough for the hatch to become an option. As such, if the survivors want to win, they are going to need to focus on the generators.

Don’t Run Unless You Have To

Running causes survivors to leave Scratch Marks, which make it possible for the killer to follow their trail. Due to this, they should avoid running in preference for either walking or even shuffling about while crouched. Granted, this won’t be as convenient as running from place to place. However, survivors must use stealth as well as speed to evade the killer. For more experienced survivors, it is worth mentioning that leaving Scratch Marks in certain locations can make it difficult for the player to figure out where they were headed, meaning that this can be useful as a distraction. For instance, the classic example would be running up a flight of stairs before walking back down.

Don’t Put Yourself in a Vulnerable Position Without Cause

Speaking of which, survivors should be very careful about putting themselves in a vulnerable position. Essentially, they should avoid such situations unless they have reason to believe that their expected benefit will outweight their expected cost. For example, survivors need to repair generators, but when they do so, they will become very exposed. As a result, they need to be sure that the killer isn’t in the surroundings before getting started.

Exploit the Lighting

There are various ways to exploit the lighting. For example, survivors should consider darker-colored clothing, which can help them blend into darker-colored surroundings. Similarly, if they are being pursued, breaking into the shadows can be a good way for them to break the killer’s line-of-sight to them. Something that is very important because of the Bloodlust buff.

Be Careful When Saving Hooked Survivors

The survivors can’t fight the killer head-on. However, there is still strength in numbers, meaning that they have very strong incentive to save those of their numbers that have been hooked. This makes sense, but this can be a potential problem because the killer will be very well-aware of this. As such, it isn’t uncommon for them to camp hooked survivors so that they can capture survivors who come for their friends. Naturally, this means that survivors should check for the presence of the killer before launching a rescue. If they do see the killer camping, well, suffice to say that time spent camping is time that can’t be spent on chasing them.

Meanwhile, here are five tips for the killer:

Pay Attention in the Lobby

The lobby can be a useful place to collect information. In particular, the killer should use it to see what the survivors will be bringing, which in turn, should inform their own preparations. Besides this, it is sometimes possible to tell which survivors are more experienced and which survivors are less experienced using details such as their cosmetic choices, which should tell them who they should be targeting first.

Use Both Sound and Sight

Sight is a very important sense. However, the killer should be using sound as well. After all, the survivors make a lot of noise. For example, survivors make noise when they vault over windows. Likewise, the process of repairing a generator creates a lot of noise. In fact, it should be mentioned that repaired generators create noise, which is useful because that will tell the killer where the survivors have been. Regardless, it should be mentioned that the use of sound is particularly important because the killer’s sight is limited in some respects.

Give Up Hopeless Chases

Sometimes, the killer will chase a survivor that they can’t catch up to. If so, they should stop chasing them in preference for chasing someone else. Remember, they are one while their targets are numerous, meaning that they cannot risk being occupied by a single target the entire time while the rest of the targets work on escaping. It doesn’t matter how much time the killer has already spent on a hopeless chase. Sunk costs shouldn’t be considered here anymore than it should be considered anywhere else.

Don’t Stay Around Hooked Survivors Too Much

It can be tempting to camp hooked survivors. However, it tends to be a bad idea. After all, every moment that the killer spends camping out is a moment that they can’t use to chase the other survivors, which is a real problem because they need to take down multiple targets. Of course, if the killer sees a chance to catch a survivor sneaking in to rescue their comrade, they shouldn’t hesitate to take it. Simply put, opportunism can be very beneficial, but the same cannot be said for conceding the initiative.

Memorize the Map

One of the most useful things to do is to memorize the map. If the killer knows what to expect, they will have a much easier time finding their targets as well as avoiding their targets’ attempts to stop them. In fact, if people want to play this side well, they should definitely spend time playing as a survivor. This is important because the two sides can notice very different things about the same maps because of their very different priorities. As a result, if the killer wants to find the survivors, they should think like the survivors. Something that will become much easier if they actually have experience playing as the survivors.

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