10 Things You Didn’t Know about Mutazione


Mutazione is a new title that has been released for interested individuals through a number of platforms. Those who are curious should know that its own marketing calls it a “mutant soap opera” that combines the supernatural with small town shenanigans, which might come as welcome news for those who are looking for something surreal. Here are 10 things that you may or may not have known about Mutazione:

1. The Name Is Italian

For those who are curious, the name Mutazione is Italian for “mutation.” Furthermore, it is the name of the title’s setting, which presumably means that the setting is situated somewhere in an Italian-speaking region. Of course, the Italian peninsula would be the best-known Italian-speaking region, but it is interesting to note that the language sees a fair amount of use in other places such as Switzerland and Istria as well.

2. Mutazione Is Populated By Mutants

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Mutazione is populated by mutants. In short, the place used to be a resort. Unfortunately, it was hit by a meteor that killed most of the inhabitants before mutating the survivors. Soon enough, the rescue missions retreated, with the result that the mutated survivors founded Mutazione upon the remnants of the resort. In the present time, Mutazione is very isolated, though it still has some contact with the rest of the world.

3. There Is Something Supernatural About the Setting

By this point, it should be clear that there is something supernatural about the setting of Mutazione. After all, meteors aren’t supposed to be capable of mutating people. Furthermore, it should be mentioned that the mutations featured in Mutazione are much more fantastical in nature than what one would expect to see in nature. One excellent example would be the cat woman, while another excellent example would be the pile of jelly.

4. The Protagonist Is a Teenage Girl Named Kai

The protagonist of Mutazione is a teenage girl named Kai. Personality-wise, she is interesting in that she has an excellent sense of humor, which is hampered to some extent by the fact that she struggles with the very common teenage problem of shyness. Kai isn’t one of the normal inhabitants of Mutazione. Instead, she is a visitor from the outside, thus making her very well-suited for being the window through which players experience the world laid out in the title.

5. Kai’s Grandfather Is an Important Figure

Kai’s reason for visiting Mutazione would be her grandfather Nonno, which presumably not coincidentally, is the same as the Italian for “grandfather.” Nonno is the shaman for Mutazione, thus making him a very important figure because he helps the other mutants to co-exist with one another as well as the rather unusual fauna and flora of their home. Unfortunately, he hasn’t been able to carry out his duties because he has fallen ill, which is the reason that Kai is visiting Mutazione.

6. Nonno Encourages Kai to Garden

It is interesting to note that Nonno encourages Kai to garden. This is something that calls for a fair amount of time and effort, seeing as how the gardens haven’t received the proper care and consideration for some time. As such, restoring the gardens to their past glories isn’t something that can be carried out in an instant, particularly since players are going to have to get their hands on a wide range of plants for the sake of fulfilling said goal.

7. The Gardens Are a Metaphor

One can argue that the gardens are meant to be a metaphor for Mutazione as a whole. Essentially, the inhabitants of Mutazione have experienced the same kind of neglect as the gardens, which has had a negative effect on their well-being as well as their community’s well-being. Fortunately, the situation is still very much recoverable, meaning that it is perfectly possible for the inhabitants of Mutazione to make a comeback so long as they receive the right kind of intervention from, say, a certain visitor to their home.

8. Optional Interactions Are Not So Optional

Technically, there are a lot of optional interactions that can be found in Mutazione. However, those optional interactions might not be so optional in the grand scheme of things. After all, one of the main reasons to play Mutazione is to figure out what is happening with the community as well as the members of the community, meaning that skipping over optional interactions is a good way to miss out on crucial information about just about everything of relevance. For that matter, if players aren’t interested in the information picked up through such interactions, they might want to look elsewhere for some other kind of game because Mutazione might not be for them.

9. Plenty of Personal Drama

Based on this, it should come as no surprise to learn that the inhabitants of Mutazione have plenty of personal drama packed into them. For example, one mutant might be suppressing painful memories. Meanwhile, another mutant might be pining because of unrequited love. This personal drama is very much the same kind of personal drama that one would expect to find in any small town, thus explaining why Mutazione has been called a “mutant soap opera.”

10. Relaxing Pace

Under the circumstances, it would have been very easy for Mutazione to feel frantic and fast-paced. After all, players have to interact with numerous characters to get the full picture of what is going on before they can get started on helping them with their issues, meaning that there is much to do. However, Mutazione has a pretty relaxed pace, thus making it enjoyable even for people who don’t want their games to feel like work or even make-work. There is no real rush in the title, meaning that interested individuals can take their time when it comes to finding out what is going on with Mutazione as well as how they can solve the various issues that have popped up thanks to a period of neglect.

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