A Giant Gallery of Cosplay Queen Jessica Nigri

There are many hot cosplayers out there that fall into a few different categories. There are the ones that are paid by companies to dress up as Night Elves and stand around being ogled by nerds at booths.  There are those who have a brief moment in the sun with a particularly cool costume, but it’s likely to further their modeling career. Or there are cool Russians who agree to be interviewed by me. But almost none of those actually have a name you remember to attach to their face (and uh, the rest of them).

Jessica Nigri is a different breed, the only cosplayer I actually know by name. This shot of her in her now famed sexy Pikachu costume has been circulated through the entire internet, but as it turns out, the girl wasn’t just doing it on a whim. She’s an actual cosplayer and has had a number of different outfits over the past few months. More Pokemon, Final Fantasy, Darkstalkers and more are in her photo portfolio.

I’ve assembled a pretty massive collection of some of her best shots that if you were a fan of her first look, or you know, women in general, you should probably take a look at.

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  1. She can even make Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh! sexy… wtf. Why aren’t there girls like this near me? haha. Real talk though, she’s awesome, very gorgeous as well, but I’m sure she knows that.

  2. This is just a girl who dresses in slutty halloween costumes all year long. What’s remarkable about that? I don’t see much of the real effort of cosplay in these photos.

    Also, the fact that she strongly resembles Ke$ha is not helping her cause…

  3. Now before the onslaught of gay jokes and fag slurs are rained down i gotta say that i love every pick here and find Jessica Nigri to be in essence the perfect woman, but just for the argument of this article why is pic number 22 here? love it…but unless shes role playing a “Summer Heat Beach Volleyball” babe… but ya keep em coming!

  4. I COULD be wrong here but, I’m pretty sure she makes most of her own outfits and if that is indeed true, then all I have to say is more power to her and her modeling career. And if I was a guy I’d totally hit that. No one in their right mind would say no to her. 😛

  5. Well now, David, aren’t you the biggest bitch ever. Are you even a man? Pissed that she’s perfection and you can’t have her? Nice try with the Kesha comment and I like how you even used the “$”, but oh my god are you an idiot. Unlike you, she’s one of a kind and amazing.

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