Star Wars Jedi: Survivor – Where To Find The Best Outfits

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor makes up many things from its predecessor. One, in particular, is the customization feature. Jedi: Fallen Order dabbled with this notion regarding the different; lightsaber parts, colors, and ponchos. However, that is about as far as it went. This sequel enhances the customization aspect in a variety of ways. Not only can players toy around with different hairstyles, but there are all kinds of clothing that they can adorn on Cal. As far as stats, the outfits don’t really do much. They are strictly cosmetic. The problem with outfits is that they don’t come as a set. Players must hunt down every piece of clothing individually.

So, if a player wants a complete outfit, they’re going to need to make a few stops. Luckily, .most the required pieces tend to be fundamentally close to each other. However, players will need to be willing to explore every nook and cranny that make up every planet. This can be a little annoying for all the completionists out there. Of course, it is possible to simply mix up all the clothing to make up one’s own look. The customization feature in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is pretty flexible in that aspect. So, if a player wants to make Cal completely their own, there are many ways to do this.

Now, there are some outfits in this game that are more visually striking than others. Just like with the lightsabers, not only are some outfits’ original pieces for this IP, but there are others that echo back from the lore of Star Wars. Which can be pretty expansive. Jedi: Survivor dips into not only the original trilogies but also the expanded universe regarding its threads. Now, there are separate color palettes that players can find throughout the map. However, this guide will simply focus on the basic outfits themselves. Keep in mind that, when something is purchased at Dome Dendra’s Shop, different colors will be accessible by default.

Outrider Outfit

  • Now, this outfit is fairly reminiscent of Dash Rendar’s rig from Shadow of the Empire. Thus, its name honors his ship, ‘The Outrider.’ Which was a slicker variation of the Millenium Falcon. Getting all three items to complete this outfit is a pretty simple affair. Over at Koboh, go pay a visit to Doma Dendra. The pants, shirt, and jacket will be in his inventory. They all cost 5 Priorites individually. Therefore, it only costs 15 Priorites in total to get the entire outfit.

Bomber Outfit

  • If a player is looking for a Han Solo, scoudrel-esque look, then the Bomber Outfit is the way to go. On Koboh, head over to the Phon’qi Caverns which is located in the lower levels of Rambler’s Reach. Located on the next to last level on a cliff will be a chest holding the Bomber Jacket.
  • Over at Nova Garon, head over to 11-0810 Satellite Station at the Hangar Bay. On the upper floors, find a way up there to find the chest for the Bomber Shirt.
  • At Prospector’s Folly at Mountain Ascent, the chest will be hidden within some overgrowth on the higher levels adjacent to a cliff.

Commander Outfit

  • If a player is looking for an outfit that’s suitable for the Clone Wars era, then the Commander Outfit is for you. On Kobah, within the Viscid Bog, head toward the Loading Gantry within the Lucrehulk. Climb up from the Fast Travel Point from the Hangar Rafters and bypass the geen laser walls. The chest for the Commander Jacket will be on a platform on top that is protected by a force field which will need to be turned off with BD-1’s electro dart.
  • Over at Jedha, within the Arid Flats, head over toward the Narkis Desert from the Fast Travel Point. The Commander Pants will be found in a chest located on top of a small mountain close to a cliff.
  • At Doma Dendra’s shop, players can buy the Commander’s Shirt for 5 Priorites.

Tactical Outfit

  • The Tactical Outfit is somewhat similar to what the Bounty Hunters wear throughout the Star Wars universe. At Koboh, head over to Dredger Gorge and find the Derelict Dam. Players will discover the chest for the Tactical Jacket while navigating through the Tar Pits and solving its puzzle with roller mines. It can be found in a corridor next to some windows.
  • On top of Doma’s Shop on Koboh, the Tactical Shirt Chest will be sitting up there.
  • On Koboh, make your way down to the Smuggler’s Tunnels. Go to the bottom of the lake that’s located there. A chest with the Tactical Pants will be waiting.

Jedi Robes

  • This attire is the classic getup of the Jedi Order within the Star Wars universe. Over at Jedha, within the Fast Travel Point in the Crypt of Urhma, head into a room to the right. Defeat the Stormtroopers patrolling there and complete a wall-running section up and around the room. On top of a higher level of the room, there is a chest holding both the Jedi robes and pants.


There is a total of 47 different pieces of clothing in Jedi: Survivor. Players are free to mix and match various attire to create a totally unique look for Cal. Even though these outfits don’t do anything in terms of gameplay, it is always cool to freshen up Cal’s look and make every play session special. With both the outfits and lightsaber colors to experiment with, dressing up Cal is almost unlimited in this game. Jedi: Survivor is now available for Playstation, Xbox, and PC.

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