Benny and I Talk The Last of Us and Xbox 180

Unreality Podcast: The Last of Us and Xbox 180 by Digitalbedlam on Mixcloud

Time for another Unreality podcast, because this is a thing we do now! I’m relatively new to the whole regular podcast thing, but Benny has been kind enough to do the technical side of it so I don’t have to. And I always have fun just talking about games or movies or whatever for an hour.

Today? We’re talking The Last of Us for most of the time, and I would listen only if you’ve finished the game at this point as we discuss all aspects of it from beginning to end. Then eventually we shift gears and touch on Microsoft reversing the Xbox One’s DRM and internet connection policies, as that was a fairly significant development over the past week or so.

Listen above, and feel free to suggest any topics for our next podcast. Someday we’re hoping to do video as well so you can see our beautiful faces alongside our voices. Our gift to you.

Thanks for listening!

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  1. There certainly were some “rape-y” overtones. All the talk of Ellie “fitting in” in their group was always going to be on David’s terms, not Ellie. There’s a beat where Ellie realises David’s attraction, and feigns affection to David to get close enough to attack and retrieve the keys.

    I think this explains Ellie’s emotional distance (in Spring) much more thoroughly because she’s seen (and committed) so much brutal violence. I believe violence alone couldn’t explain Ellie’s reaction.

    I think it was brave of ND to broach this topic.

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