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Corey Lewis’s Fantastic Art Collection

Corey Lewis Art 4

Another day, another great artist I’ve discovered and get to share with you. One of the many reasons I love this job. It’s not all just mercilessly mocking The Walking Dead!

Corey “Reyyyyy” Lewis is one hell of an artist with a flashy style all his own. He’s given his own spin on a lot of classic video game, comic and TV characters, and I think you’ll like the pieces I’ve chosen for your viewing pleasure below.

From the Ninja Turtles to Optimus Prime, there’s quite a wide range here indeed. Check his stuff out below:

Corey Lewis Art 6


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  1. Corey Lewis is the fucking man. If you enjoy his art you need to hunt down his comic Sharknife. It’s one part love letter to fighting games and old super sentai shows, and one part an excuse to show off his fucking crazy awesome art. It’s seriously one of the most fun comics I’ve ever read even if part 2 did take like 6 years to get released.

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