Memorable Moments in TV: Marsha’s Busted Nose


This scene is a testament to how far television shows have come.    I doubt many of you are old enough to remember this scene but it’s a classic.  On The Brady Bunch, right before a big date, Marcia gets hit in the nose by a football and it swells up.

This was the focal point of the episode and will forever be engraved into television history.  I just find it funny how in the last 20-30 years the portrayal of specific events has changed so much.

Granted a girl’s broken nose could very well be a topic of a show today.  But the ways in which she’d deal with it would alter drastically.  She’s be on the internet finding out a cure.  She’d be texting her friends all about it.  She’d be Facebooking her status update, etc etc.

Eh, just thought I’d bring it up.

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