Batman Noir


This is a rather fantastic series from artist Henrik Sahlstrom who has turned Batman into even more of a noir than it already is. He’s given redesigns to Batman, The Riddler, Catwoman and The Joker, and you can check out the entire series for yourself below.

I have a hunch eventually Hollywood will be tired of rebooting the same major series every few years, and we’ll start getting “themed” movies like these. I would be surprisingly okay with that, actually. LA Confidential-era Noir Batman? I’m on board that train.




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  1. Personally, I’d love for Batman to return to a Burton/Schumacher aesthetic. Not that Schumacher’s movies were actually good, but the world he designed could have been a lot of fun to play around in. But Bats needs to get back in touch with his goofy side at some point.

  2. You bring up a great point about themed movies. when i read that, my mind exploded with new possible movies. Personally i love the Spiderman Noir series, but i would love to see a 2099 Spiderman movie. Or Red Son Superman.

    ps. batman noir would be a great movie!!

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