Star Wars Recut as a JJ Abrams Trailer


We’re not going to be able to stop hearing about JJ Abrams’ Star Wars for another two years now, and even without any more to go on than “JJ Abrams is directing Star Wars,” that’s enough for most fans.

Case in point, while we wait, a fan has assembled the original trilogy as a recut trailer that has some Abrams sensibilities to it. The epic music, the quick cuts, the lens flares. Oh wait, they forgot the lens flares. Nevermind then.

This starts off pretty awesome, but I think it could have been more tightly edited. Everyone knows you start off slow then go nuts with hyper quick action scene cuts at the end as the music crescendos. Action movie trailers 101! But still, a solid effort, and I doubt it will be the last we’ll see.

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  1. A Disney logo, not a Lucasfilm logo, should be at the beginning. The whole point is that this is Disney now… with JJ directing only. Did this person who created this total forget that?

  2. Lucasfilm still exists as a subsidiary of Disney; why would the logo be absent from a trailer any more than the Marvel logo would be absent from Iron Man 3?

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