Solving the Mystery of Android Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Looper


Perhaps I’m the only one who has experienced this, but when I saw the trailer for Looper the first time, I thought “wow, that guy looks a lot like Joseph Gordon-Levitt.” Then I thought, “Oh it IS Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Then I thought, “No, there’s no way. If anything someone built a creepy android to vaguely look like Joseph Gordon Levitt.”

But it is him, and I suspected that perhaps eye color played more of a role in how we perceive people. JGL has some of the most striking dark eyes in the business (ooo la la!), but when they’re changed to blue, he looks like an entirely different person.

That’s not it either however, and the final answer lies in the fact that in addition to the contacts, JGL underwent three hours of  make-up to look like a younger Bruce Willis for Looper. My question is if this is actually necessary or not. Is it worth it to make your actor look almost unrecognizable in order for this kind of effect? And really, I think the moviegoing public is forgiving enough where they just could have popped the blue contacts in and we would have bought the two were different versions of themselves. But to force him into rather off-putting make-up seems like a strange decision, as he looks more robot than human.

All this said, this movie looks pretty wicked. See Earth X JGL and Bruce Willis in it this September.

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  1. They make a big deal about JGL’s character wanting to kill Bruce’s character, I hope they at least mention or discuss the fact that if it’s so important for JGL to kill him he should just kill him self. Gotcha bitch.

  2. I suppose your right about the audience being forgiving, but isn’t that the problem with audiences in the first place? I notice critics go back and forth on what should be forgiven and what shouldn’t. The logic in Transformers’ terrible plot can’t be, but the fact that two actors who are playing the same person and look nothing alike can be? I don’t think audiences should be forgiving when things don’t make sense, but I do think you can forgive certain things in movies for metaphorical dominance. Like a book. In a book, you will often times not have something literally believable happen, but something that functions metaphorically. A great example of htis in book and film is The Piano Teacher. The ending isn’t realistic, really, it’s just kinda weird. But metaphorically, it works.

  3. You’ve probably already seen it but if not you MUST check out Brick. It has Joseph Gordon Leavitt and was directed by the same guy as Looper, Rian Johnson, (who’s also directed a few episodes of Breaking Bad BTW), its basically a detective story set in high school and trust me its far better than that quick description. Brothers Bloom is also really good from the same director.

  4. These details are what differentiates a regular director from a master story-teller (nevertheless let’s wait to the actual movie to find out).

    Usually this means the director is willing to push the budget to actually help the story by giving it more realism.

    Also since this is a trailer I think we are going to see more polished effects when the movie debuts.

    Looking good so far.

  5. I’ll allow it, you cant rid me of the joy of watching JGL perform, the dude is awesome in my book.

    One thing I wonder, I hope they really get down to the little things about time travel, like I know we wont be getting all super specific here, but well, if Bruce Willis is future JGL then, at that point BW eiither knows he gets killed by his past self and is just stalling for some reason, and never gets around to do it, and if so, how can JGL find himself if BW already possibly knows precisely what happened in the past and can avoid himself easily from the moment he arrives in the past and if no, then will we be dealing with a parallel universe scenario?

    This things I wonder.

  6. I read in Entertainment Weekly that Rain Johnson (the Director) wrote the script with Joseph Gordon Levitt in mind for the main character.

    So the question I’ve been asking myself is, Why did they make JGL change his appearance and not Bruce Willis?

    I think the obvious answer is that Bruce Willis is the bigger star, but of course that got me thinking to– What actor do you think would be right on “the line” of having the biggest star power, while still being made to look like JGL?

  7. I applaud the choice and JGL’s apparent lack of vanity. In an age where almost every superhero gets their mask knocked off in a fight scene, this guy, this REAL actor, willingly spends an entire movie looking like someone else, and he does so for the art.

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