Every “W” Word from Django Unchained

Alright, this made me laugh:

“With so much controversy surrounding Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained – we decided to edit together every use of that offensive “W” word.”

I’m an an idiot so at first I thought this was going to be an edit of every word that began with “W” in the movie. You know, wood, wool, wheat, whip, whatever. But I’m a bit slow and only until halfway through the video did I get the joke.

I’m sure there’s an edit of that “other” word somewhere, but ScreenJunkies didn’t want to be the one to make it.

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  1. I don’t get this. Is this supposed to be clever? Is this another attempt at belittling a genuine gripe with passive-aggressive “humor”?

    The people who had/have an issue with the N-word in that movie, do so because of the words inherent negative connotation.

    Comparing the N-word to “White” is implying that those words are equal adjectives. So your either saying the N-word is the proper adjective for the Black race, Or your saying calling Caucasians “White” is a racist slur.

    Since we as rational people know that “White” has never been used as a racist slur, what else are we to infer from this videos comparison of the two words?

  2. I think this video is used to stress the fact of how much more the N word is actually used in this movie as compared to the W word. If you compare the use of the words used to describe “Whites” as compared to the derogatory term used to describe the “Blacks” it is unbalanced. This happens even thou the bulk of the cast and characters on screen most of the time are whites. It shows us that yes Tarantino is actually over using this term to gain a reaction from the audience. It is meant to be offensive as we all know he does not shy away from such “low brow” stunts. My self being of mixed racial background can say that yes the “N” word is highly offensive and is strictly sickening when used in most context however Tarantino uses this word solely to bring an emotional reaction. I find the above comment to be very narrow minded and I feel they are over estimating the insight of the creators. I do not believe they are implying that the “W” word is equal to the “N” because we all know that is a stupid assumption. It is simply a statement to say look at this occurrence…it is significant…what is Tarantino trying to say by this because it is deliberate. And when it is spliced together as it is the term “Whites” does almost sound like a slur when it is thrown back to back to back.

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