Hell No: The Sensible Horror Film

“Why, why would you do that?” I cry during nearly every single horror movie I watch these days, even good ones. Practically no movie seems to be able to completely escape all the horror tropes out there, until now.

It’s called “Hell No,” or rather “HELL NO!” and it only exists as a trailer, but it’s one I definitely appreciate. It asks what would happen if people simply avoided incredibly obvious situations that were very obviously going to get them killed, rather than stumble into them headfirst. Creepy cabin in the woods? Go to the beach instead! Evil puzzle box needs solving? Leave it the hell alone!

My favorite? When the villain takes a single shot and goes down, and the other characters cry “it’s over!” IT”S NEVER OVER PUT LIKE FIFTY MORE BULLETS IN THAT DUDE. Or in this case, just blow him up completely with an RPG.

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