Bad Luck Sean Bean

sean bean

I’m not sure where this falls in the “spoiler” category of things, but suffice to say that if Sean Bean is in something, be it a movie or show, there is a very big chance he’s going to die. If you’re worried about ruining his fate in some of his more recent projects, I would suggest averting your eyes.

What makes him just. so. killable? He’s a hero in half of these and a villain in the others, but he always just NEEDS to die.

Has someone ever gone through and calculated the actor who has actually died onscreen the most? That’s above my abilities, but it’s probably some vaudeville villain from the ’20s. From our modern era though? It’s either a background extra who keeps dying in battle scenes, or Sean Bean here.

Update: I found this post which says that Robert De Niro is the closest A-lister with 14 onscreen deaths. Still less than Bean though.

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  1. Sean Bean needs his own franchise,not just because he’s awesome,but also because there would be tension rarely seen in movie franchises,because he could die at any minute.

  2. Gary Busey has died at least 19 times. Vincent Price died a ton of times. Pretty sure it’s John Hurt, though, he’s somewhere in the neighborhood of 40 on-screen deaths.

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