If All the Avengers Posed Like Black Widow

To say there’s a bit of a disparity between how men and women are sexually portrayed in comic books is a bit of a understatement, but now the trend has translated into their movies as well.

We’re all excited for The Avengers, but while the above promo poster shows the manly heroes in various heroic poses, Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow is somehow twisted to perfectly show both her ass AND boobs in one contorted pose.

Below that, artist Kevin Bolk has imagined what it might look like if male heroes were forced to contort in such awkward ways, and result is undeniably hilarious.

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  1. Oh boo-hoo.

    Would you rather she were shirtless, like the Hulk?

    And there’s Captain America, holding his shield up where it can’t shield him, just so he can show off his rippling chest muscles.

  2. s’cuse the pose isn’t akward she’s in the exact same pose as Hawkeye it’s just the angle, I have seen them do what the artist did to girls before but this isn’t it

  3. you all obviously must be stupid. the point wasnt to shield captain america or anything like that. its representing exactly what the title said. black widow is showing off her perfect ass. so, the artist redid the portrait in a way to show off all their asses. its supposed to be funny. stop over-analyzing.

  4. It is at least a plausible pose, even if it does have the usual T&A bias. I’ve seen worse.

    I also reckon the body shape is rather exaggerated: those breasts are gigantic, but there’s plenty of exaggeration of muscles on the men. I can see how the artist might have ended up where he has and it doesn’t work for me. It’s the comic-book rather than the film, and comic-book artists have done some terrible things to women.

    In terms of composition, Hawkeye is the odd one out. There’s a symmetry about the others. He might be an attempt to counter the weight of The Hulk in the image, but the combination of size and placement and colour makes The Hulk the focus.

    Anyway, none of this bunch could equal Modesty Blaise and Willie Garvin.

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