The Ten Best Movie Trailers of 2011

I almost forgot to write this post this year, but it’s always one of my favorites. You’ve seen my best films of 2011 list, but I have a special place in my heart for a well-crafted trailer, and as such I do a similar countdown with my favorites of the year.

I’ve expanded the criteria to include any trailer that aired this year, not just trailers for films that came out this year. That means there are some for movies that haven’t been released yet, but I think it still qualifies as a “trailer of 2011.”

Sometimes the movies rocked, sometimes they sucked, but whatever the case, these ten films put together one hell of a trailer to get me interested.

10. X-Men: First Class


First Class landed at number ten on my other list as well, and this was the first time I believed that this movie might actually be a good idea. It paints a good picture of the era, setting the mutants up at the height of the cold war, and it’s a cool introduction to all the characters without too much unnecessary exposition.

9. Hanna


Hanna is a very stylish film and had a trailer to match. This spot is just extremely well-structured, and though the film didn’t blow me away, it was certainly a must see after watching this trailer even once.

8. Abduction


Despite me liking this original trailer, I never saw Abduction because it was absolutely BLASTED by critics to the point where I doubted I would find anything salvageable. But I did think this trailer was quite cool, mostly because of the awesome song in its second half. It’s “Kids” by Sleigh Bells, if you’re curious.

7. Rise of the Planet of the Apes


This was another movie I thought would be horrendous, but this trailer was the first sign that the concept could actually turn out to be worthwhile as it presented a somewhat plausible explanation for why chimps could become intelligent and actually take over society. Not an easy feat to accomplish by any means.

6. Tucker and Dale vs. Evil


Damn, honestly, this probably should have made my top ten of the year list, but I forgot about it until now. Screw Bridesmaids, this was definitely the hardest I laughed all year. Two rednecks are mistaken for serial killers, and though yes, this trailer shows almost all of the kills, it gives you an idea of how hilarious the concept is.

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  1. fyi… The Raid is supposed to hit US theaters (albeit probably in limited distribution) sometime in the spring.

    For me, the music is normally what makes the trailer… a couple of my favorite trailers from 2011 where music was a major factor:
    –Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy – the use of the Danny Elfman track from the Wolfman was perfect
    –Another Earth – the track from Cinematic Orchestra gave me goosebumps as i watched the trailer
    –The Skin I Live In – very mysterious trailer left me longing to see what it was all about. and again, the Trentemoller track was great
    –Martha Marcy May Marlene – When it cuts to John Hawkes doing his “Just a Picture” song it gave me the creeps like nothing else.

    And a few where the music wasn’t the major factor, but the trailer was great on its own
    –71 Into the Fire – this trailer and the Raid trailer both are like a kick in the nuts, but in a good way.
    –Casa De Mi Padre – I actually don’t like Will Ferrell, but this trailer really makes me want to see this.
    –Alps – was just a teaser, but after Dogtooth (by the same director), I saw this teaser and left with a major WTF feeling that makes me really want to see it.

  2. I agree with pretty much all of these choices, and what markshek said. The music is the main factor for me. 100% true about the Woman in Black trailer. I’ve never had a horror movie TRAILER make me feel so jumpy.

  3. did anybody else get the sense that the clip of guy pierce being interrogated in ‘lock out’ was straight out of the scene in fight club where tyler durden gets the shit beaten out of him by the owner (i’m fuckin’ lou, who the fuck are you?) of the club they use?

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