Seven Predictable Patterns That Marvel Movies Follow

The Marvel movie scene was a late bloomer with its first big screen movie, Iron Man, hit the screens in 2008. Despite the late start, Marvel superheroes have a massive following that craved a live display of their favorite character. Therefore, while no Oscars have been won so far, the movies are still a huge and profitable hit. There are musings that Black Panther may be their first Oscar win, so fingers crossed all you Marvel movie lovers! Since Iron man, the Marvel universe has had a line up of awesome showings over the years, the latest one being Ant-Man and the Wasp. Despite the diversity of Marvel characters, there are some interesting commonalities that we have come to notice over the years. Here are 7 patterns that have emerged from the Marvel movie line-up.

7. There’s always a betrayal

The hero always goes through a betrayal by someone close to them. A moment in all Marvel movies that is as sure as the dawn but gets us every single time. It’s one of those things that makes this superhuman feel more human and the fans love it!

6. A leading character is always imprisoned

This might seem too out there but seriously, there is always a leading character who ends up locked up. Thor was locked up when he was captured trying to get his hammer; Tony Stark was imprisoned leading him to build Iron Man; Hulk was captured for a bit by the marines, the list goes on. There isn’t a Marvel movie where a leading character, if not the hero themselves, hasn’t been captured.

5. The superhero’s strength also ends up being their weakness

Many a character in the Marvel movies has had their own powers either used against them or be their downfall. Something about how their powers came about is usually discovered by the villain, who then uses it to create a sort of doppelganger that eventually leads to a fight with our superhero.

4. None of the leading characters are women

So far, Marvel hasn’t made a movie where the main character is female. This is where Marvel is failing. It’s 2019 already and there are many leading powerful ladies in the comic-verse, some of whom have already made an appearance alongside leading male-superheroes. I know the Wasp got to be on a movie label, BUT, she was still alongside Ant-Man. Many of us are anxiously waiting for Marvel’s Captain Marvel to be released this year – yes, a leading lady on the way, finally!

3. The hero is always awkward with a girl

It’s always funny how the hero is always awkward and shy when it comes to the girl he likes. This superhuman being with powers that all fans dream of, is usually reduced to a stuttering, shy, self-conscious human, much like the rest of us. Again, another aspect of Marvel movies that gets us every time. Even a lady’s man like Tony Stark became so vulnerable when he realized, he loved Pepper.

2. After the credits – scene

All Marvel movie fans know to stay through the credits at the end of a movie. In a cinema, you can always spot the person who isn’t a true fan or is just starting out– yes, they get up and leave the moment the movie ends. Well, don’t be that person because, after the credits, there’s always a snippet of what’s to come. Kind of like a mini-preview of a sequel. This is usually a favorite for many because it keeps us fans gleefully waiting for the next Marvel treasure.

1. Stan Lee always appears

If you watch Marvel movies and don’t know Stan Lee, well he was the creative leader of Marvel comics. Every single Marvel movie to date has had a short appearance of him in the movie. He sometimes has a line and is easy to spot. Do you know that old guy who’s always wearing glasses and is in every Marvel movie? Well, that’s Stan Lee. Unfortunately, Stan Lee died in November 2018 but given the technology in movies these days, we wouldn’t be surprised to see him in future movies.


Even with these common aspects ringing true in every Marvel movie, fans still wait and ask for more! The movies are much more than their repetitions. Remember, these characters were comic book heroes before landing the big screen. So, most fans know them inside-out and, while the storyline may not be new, the ‘bringing to-life’ part is – and that is the true gift that Marvel Cinematic Universe gives its fans.

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