Five Predictions for the Live Action Kim Possible Movie

Our favorite redhead from Disney Channel is coming back to TV screens for a live-action remake debuting next month. That’s right Team Possible fans, Kim Possible is back. Based on the animated series that aired from 2002 to 2007, this film promises teenage drama, villains, action, and more. This is the formula that made the teen hero such a hit in the first place.

What we know so far

In this remake, Kim and Ron Stoppable (her best friend and sidekick) are starting Middleton High School. Whilst there, Kim will have to navigate a confusing and intimidating new social hierarchy. Being the heroine that she is, this is just a small wrinkle. That is until her confidence is shaken by all the obstacles she must face. Ron and Kim meet a Kim Possible Super Fan in their new classmate Athena. She eventually joins Team Possible but starts to surpass Kim at every turn. To add another cherry to the frustration cake, fan-favorite villains, Shego and Drakken, show up in Middleton with a master plan to finally put an end to Kim Possible. Based on the plot, it seems as if the film will explore the two sides of Kim, both the hero and the teenager within. But, it doesn’t tell us much else. As fans of the animated series, we can’t wait until the movie premiere to learn more. Here are some predictions of what we think will happen:

1. Athena is not who she seems

One thing that Disney Channel executives know is, you shouldn’t mess with a good thing. Thus, the addition of any new characters to a classic fan-favorite should be met with some suspicion.
Who is Athena really? Where did she come from? What is her backstory? Chances are she crossed paths with Shego and/or Drakken at some time in the past and is planning to take Team Possible down from the inside.

2. Ron and Kim’s friendship will remain platonic

Every true fan of the series knows that Kim and Ron’s love evolved through the course of several seasons. And, while some fans might be clamoring to see it, we believe that Disney will wait to show this side of their relationship in subsequent films.
These executives know a good thing when they see it. Chances are there will be more movies to come, especially since there are a ton of villains like Senor Senior, Senior who have yet to get their chance to shine. Keeping this in mind, Disney has time to draw out the romance between our two favorite characters.

3. Christina Milian will sing a brand new theme song

Kim Possible fans are, among many things, loyal and true. The little details of the show (like the original theme song, the friendships, the drama, etc.) are all a part of what makes the show great in the first place. Finding someone else to sing the theme song would be like a slap in the face to fans. There’s no way that Disney executives will allow that to happen. If anything, we can expect Christina Milian to sing an updated version of the theme song to keep the old fans happy as well as draw new ones into the mix.

4. Christy Carlson Romano’s cameo will be short and sweet

Original fans of the show will be happy to see the original Kim grace us with her presence. But, chances are, her appearance will be a flash in the pan, a few seconds long encounter.
While we would love to see Romano take on a meatier role, it just wouldn’t make any sense. Her star would eclipse the new Kim, making it hard for the actress to bring her own version of the heroine to life.

5. The entire family will be along for the ride

Although Dr. James Possible and the Tweebs were minor characters, they had a major influence on Kim. They are the reason she is who she is. Although we haven’t seen them in any of the clips for the new movie, there’s no way that Disney would leave out such an integral part of Kim’s life.

The bottom line

Although Disney’s movie remake of the popular Kim Possible show will vary slightly from the original, the core elements will remain. In this way, it will be a thrill for old fans and new fans alike. So, what’s the sitch? Where will you be when it premieres?

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