Star Wars Jedi: Survivor – Best Starter Skills To Unlock

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is a more enhanced version of its predecessor in every way. With the combat being; deeper, richer, and darker, it’s only common sense to have the skill tree be more elaborate. In fact, chances are that it won’t be possible to unlock every little thing during the first playthrough. Hence, multiple runs throughout the campaign will be warranted to fully experience this adventure. Now, since Cal now has five lightsaber stances to experiment with, it will take some work to find the right skills to accommodate them.

Every player will have their own fighting style, for sure. So, a lot of the skills probably won’t be even used by many players. With that said, there are some fairly universal tricks that Cal will need to assist him in fighting the Empire. The enemies in this sequel are more varied, deadly, and tougher in Jedi: Survivor and Cal has his work cut out for him. Therefore, players will need to really think ahead on what kind of Jedi they want to be. At least, in terms of how to engage in battle.

There are three categories in the skill tree that are broken down into many sub-categories. These are the standard; Survival, Lightsaber, and Force categories. So, in that regard, this hasn’t changed much since the first game. Chances are that a player will favor a particular lightsaber stance over the others and will just stick with it throughout the entire campaign. However, when it comes to; crowd control, long-distance strikes, and defense, some of these skills should be unlocked as soon as possible. They will give Cal an edge during his newest adventure and won’t become so easily overwhelmed.

Lightsaber Skills

  • Gathering Tempest – 

Early in the game, the two main lightsabers stances players will be using are the single-blade and double-blade stance. So, it might be a good idea to invest in these two fighting styles as early as possible. Gathering Tempest will enable Cal to unleash a flurry of strikes in a rapid succession. This will tear down foes in a flash. Thusly, this skill must be unlocked in to continue upgrading the double-bladed stance.

  • Lunging Strike –

As with Gathering Tempest, this skill must be unlocked first in order to continue evolving the single-saber stance. The Lunging Strike comes in handy with closing in between enemies and tearing through some defenses. It’s not the fanciest move, but it does come with high practicality when needing to start up a combo or just landing that one last hit.

  • Two Fold Reflection – 

Parrying blaster fire in Jedi: Survivor will be a common occurance. Cal will be able to do this by default at the beginning of the game. However, later on there will be areas swarming with enemies, shooting from all angles. The Two Fold Reflection will basically help Cal parry multple blaster shots at once. Enabling him to take out multiple foes from afar with just one deflect.

Force Skills

  • Greater Hold –

Greater Hold is basically the “slow down time” feature from Jedi: Fallen Order with some enhancements. Cal will slow down enemy fire, which will allow him to either dodge or deflect incoming attacks. In order to have access with the other skills under the Jedi Concentration sub-category, this skill must be unlocked first regardless.

  • Confusion –

This skill is exactley what it sounds like. Cal will be able to ulitize a Jedi mind trick against foes and have them fight each other. This skilll is useful for breaking up crowds and culling the herd. This skill will be expecially welcomed during the later stages of the game, when things get pretty hairy.

  • Attunement – 

As every player knows, force powers aren’t unlimited. It’s really no different than MP used in Skyrim or any other RPG. Therefore, there’s a meter to mind with Jedi: Survivor. This skill will simply raise the force meter by a certain percentage. Allowing Cal to go a little more hog wild with his force powers.

Survival Skills

  • Improved Stim Formula – 

This skill helps with the stims giving Cal more life when used. This skill is fundamentally very basic, but it can make all the difference during the heat of a battle. There is a total of 11 stims to find in Jedi: Survivor. So, with this still unlocked, it can really help out.

  • Teamwork –

Now, whenever Cal uses a stim, an animation will kick in showing him injecting it into his body in real-time. Sometimes, a mere few seconds can be the difference between life and death. This skill basically shortens that animation and allows Cal to regenerate at a faster speed.

  • Survival Skill – 

Unlocking this skill is a given, considering the fight that’s in front of Cal. This will let the HP expand. Hence, Cal will have some more fight in him during harrowing encounters. Thus, there’s an addendum to this skill. It is called Expert Survival Skill which will increase Cal’s lifebar to the max. This most likely won’t be available until later in the game, of course.


There are up to 75 different skills that can be unlocked in Jedi: Survivor. Therefore, there is plenty of room to try out different stances and force powers during a second playthrough. Unlocking the aforementioned skills first will definitly give players a fighting chance against the Empire. Not to mention, with many more waiting to be unlocked to enable players to truly feel like Jedi Masters. Jedi: Survivor is now avaiable for Playstation, Xbox and PC.

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