10 Things You Didn’t Know about Fortnite Patch Notes

Fortnite has taken the gaming world by storm. Virtually everyone is playing the game and looking for ways to get ahead. To ensure the game keeps running smoothly and that their gamers are happy, Fortnight’s developers are always updating the app. These patches do everything from fix bugs to update gameplay elements. This is why it’s important that Fortnite lovers pay attention to the patch notes. They provide valuable information that may improve the gaming experience. But, you don’t have to take our word for it. Fortnite’s latest patch is live now and there are some hidden gems in it. For instance, certain items have been adjusted, new ones have been added, and more. To ensure that you stay on top of your game, here are 10 things you didn’t know about Fortnite patch notes:

1. You can wear the Sneaky Snowman

Like the bush disguise, the Sneaky Snowman is a common rarity item often found in supply llamas, chests, or as floor loot. They typically drop in stacks of five but you can hold up to ten at a time.
Having these many disguises can help in 2 main ways:

  • You can wear it (press Secondary Fire
  • You can create a destructible snowman and throw it (Primary Fire)

This versatility can also be a powerful psychological weapon. If you use your snowmen strategically, your opponent will never know for sure if the snowman coming towards them is a decoy or an actual player. Keep in mind, however, gunfire can destroy your snowmen. But, because they have 100 Health, it will take more than a shot or two to dispatch them.

2. Some items are now stashed away

The new patch also vaulted (stashed away temporarily) some items, like the grappler, Port-a-Fortress, and quad rocket launcher.

3. Sniper Shootout is back for a limited time

An old, popular favorite – Sniper Shootout – has come back for a limited time. With this mode, all available weapons have scopes, which can make it easier to hit your target. However, there are a couple of things that can make things a bit challenging. For instance, floor loot is harder to access and the game won’t allow you to revive your teammate. Since the last time this particular mode was available, a suppressed sniper rifle has been added. You can also get a legendary scoped pistol in your supply drops.

4. Some items are now rarer to find

To make things a little more interesting, the designers of Fortnite decided to reduce the drop chances of certain items. These include gliders, test, balloons, quad crashes, and X4 Stormwings.

5. Adjustments have been made to the Ice Legion spawn rate

In the past, the Ice Legion spawn rate started low and would increase gradually as the match progressed. Now, these rates have been flipped so that more demons are spawned earlier in the game and less as you progress.

6. You now have access to Lynx Kassandra

One of the best avatars in the game, Lynx Kassandra (a mythic variant of the Fleetfoot subclass) is now easier to access. This warrior can kick serious… asphalt so she’s a worthy addition to any arsenal. If you’re interested in seeing what she can do for yourself, she’s available at the Event Store now.

7. The bugs from the new patch (pickaxe sound bugs, ghost peeking, etc.) have been fixed

The arrival of the new scoped revolver was a welcome event for many Fortnite fans. They’d been waiting a long time for it to make its debut. Unfortunately, some bugs decided to come along for the ride and throw some wrenches in the works. It wasn’t long before players began complaining about the bugs online. To ensure the satisfaction of their gamers, Fortnite recently updated the game to fix the glitches.

8. Keep an eye out for the scoped revolver

The newest addition to Fortnite’s arsenal of weapons is the scope revolver. This six-shooter packs a powerful punch and guarantees perfect accuracy. It is a must when dealing with pesky Snowman and your opponents in the game.

9. One shot mode is only available for a limited amount of time

In this mode, gravity is low and every player has 50 Health. The only weapons you can use are snipers and bandages are the only healing item. To succeed in this mode, you must aim well and jump high. See if you can get your hands on a scope revolver – especially of the legendary or epic variety. That is the best way to ensure your survival in this challenging, but interesting, mode.

10. There have been some changes to sensitivity

In-game sensitivity options have been a topic of debate for Fortnite users for a while. Finally, a couple of weeks ago, it was announced that some changes will be made: The new sensitive sensitivity settings will allow players to make the more granular adjustment building sensitivity changes also apply to edit mode. Many of these changes will be welcomed by game players. Sensitivity issues can really muck up gameplay. The fixes will improve the overall gaming experience.

The bottom line

There’s no doubt that Fortnite is everywhere. It can be a challenging game to beat, but it’s not impossible. If you want to gain an additional advantage, the above Fortnite patch notes will help. Good luck.

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