How to Capture the Phantom Bird in Monster Hunter World

Phantom Bird

The various zones of Monster Hunter World are home to creatures besides the titular monsters. For instance, there is endemic life, which is a catch-all term for a wide range of creatures that include but are not limited to bats, birds, beetles, fish, and hares. Generally speaking, endemic life are not threatening to the player, meaning that interested individuals might be tempted to ignore them when there are bigger, badder creatures out there commanding their attention. However, it is important to note that there are a small number of exceptions in the form of Paratoads, Sleeptoads, and Nitrotoads, which are small toads that can unleash the effect mentioned in their name when they are damaged in some manner. As such, the three toads are potential irritants for the player, but more importantly, they can be very helpful with certain monsters under certain circumstances. For instance, there is a stretch of the Elder’s Recess frequented by Nitrotoads that just happens to be frequented by the Uragaan, thus making it an excellent place to feed said monster some of its own medicine.

Moving on, there are a number of other reasons why the player should care about endemic life in Monster Hunter World. Sometimes, these reasons are minor in nature. For an example, Omenflies turn red when a threatening monster shows up, though interested individuals should be more than capable of catching on to such threats thanks to other cues with or without their presence. Other times, these reasons are much more meaningful. One would be how some examples of caught endemic life can be set as pets in the player’s room. Another would be how some caught endemic life are needed to complete various missions given to the player by various characters. As such, while catching endemic life isn’t exactly the core of the game, it is nonetheless something that interested individuals will want to master sooner rather than later.

How Can You Catch Endemic Life in Monster Hunter World?

For the most part, catching endemic life is pretty simple and straightforward. In short, the player can load their Capture Net into their Slinger. After which, they can shoot the Capture Net at targets of interest in the same way that they would shoot any other kind of Slinger ammunition. This works when the player shoots at birds flying about; this works when the player shoots at hares running for the bushes; and this works when the player shoots at Dung Beetles rolling their balls of monster poop about.

However, there are some examples of endemic life that interested individuals will have to catch with the Fishing Rod instead. There are a couple of conditions that they will have to meet before they can catch the various kinds of fish that can be found in the various zones. First, they will have to find the right places to fish, which should be obvious because of the shadows moving about in the water. Second, they will have to have the right items on hand with which to tempt the fish, whether that means Bait Bugs or some other kind of item.

Of course, there are some kinds of endemic life that are much harder to catch than others. Primarily, this is because they are very rare in nature, meaning that interested individuals might not even notice them unless they know about their existence beforehand. However, it should be mentioned the player will have a very limited window of time in which to catch some of these examples, which is another issue that will have to be overcome. Still, so long as interested individuals are willing to put in the effort, they should have no problems catching whatever it is that they have in their sights.

How Can You Catch the Phantom Bird in Monster Hunter World?

For example, if the player has their heart set upon the fluffiest pet, there is the Downy Crake. In short, these are birds that perch on two species of small monsters as well as one species of endemic life. The problem is that Downy Crakes are very rare, meaning that interested individuals need to have a measure of patience if they want to get their hands on one.

First, it is important to mention the places where Downy Crakes can show up. One, there are Aptonoths in the Ancient Forest. Two, there are Apceroses in the Wildspire Waste. Three, there are Grandfather Mantagrells in the Coral Highlands. Out of these three options, the Grandfather Mantagrells are the worst possible choice for Downy Crake hunters to go hunting. This is because these creatures can be found flying up in the air, meaning that interested individuals will have to bring them crashing out of the sky with the Slinger before they can even interact with them. Never mind checking them for the presence of Downy Crakes. In contrast, both the Aptonoths and the Apceroses make much better choices, not least because both species can be found in sector 1 of their respective zones. Since these small monsters lumber about on the ground, it is much, much easier for interested individuals to check for the presence of Downy Crakes.

As for getting Downy Crakes to spawn, it is a matter of random chance. One potential method would be reloading the zone again and again until the player spots a Downy Crake. Another potential method would be waiting for them to show up. Supposedly, the birds like to show up when the player isn’t looking, meaning that interested individuals might want to wait with the small monsters out of their sight until they hear the sound of the birds singing. There are some people who think that Downy Crakes are likelier to show up during either the day or the dawn, but it has been confirmed that they can show up at anytime of the day so long as interested individuals are patient.

Once the player has confirmed the presence of Downy Crakes, their strategy is pretty simple and straightforward. First, they need to put on the Ghillite Mantle so that they won’t spook the birds. Second, they need to fire a Flash Pod so that they can stun the birds. If they have done everything right, chances are good that they will be able to get one or more Downy Crakes because the birds don’t come on their own but rather in small groups.

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