Meet Your Maker: Essential Perks To Unlock First

Meet Your Maker has a pretty good number of items to unlock for its launch. At least, it’s enough to keep players busy for a while. Purchasing one perk isn’t universal, since upgrades for every item need to be purchased individually. At the beginning of the game, some perks should be on the top of every player’s list. Even though they all have their uses, some obviously can wait for more advanced situations as opposed to just starting out. There’s no level cap for acquiring upgrades, either. They all can be purchased outright with the proper amount of materials. In this game, there are three different types of resources to collect; synthite, cells, and parts.

Now, the quickest way to accumulate all these things is by taking the initiative and building an outpost. Killing other raiders yields a healthy amount of resources. Raiding outposts helps, as well. Of course, it will be a little less than doing the alternative. Meet Your Maker does a pretty good job of rewarding players by completing their objectives. So, leveling up and unlocking things happens pretty quickly. The list of things to purchase can be a little confusing at first. It will take a little time to digest the mechanics of this title. However, once everything is said and done, it’s all actually quite simple.

Now, there are three main factions to focus on; Custodians, Traps, and Guards. They mostly come with the same upgrades, with a few varying differences. With Custodians, players will need to equip Biolinks when they’re unlocked. Traps come with Mods and Guards have Augments. This guide will focus on what should come first when starting out in Meet Your Maker. Needless to say, raiding an outpost while naked and without perks can be an ordeal. Luckily, they’re separated into three categories; Normal, Dangerous, and Brutal. All of which will reward players accordingly in correspondence with their difficulty. Now, even though there are some exclusive perks for specific items, the following list will outline the universal variety.


  • Rapid Fire

This Biolink is exactly what it sounds like. The Custodian’s fire rate will be amped up by an extra 20%. Sometimes, builders will spam their traps all in one corner and it can be a hairy situation with a sluggish Volt Launcher. With some faster reload animations, it can make all the difference. This is especially true with the Falconic Plasmabow.

  • Frenzy

This particular Biolink can save the bacon for some players with dungeons that are brimming with death. It can garner Custodian an extra speed boost of up to 30%. It starts off at 1.5 seconds, to up to 4 seconds when it’s maxed out. A split second is all it takes to be; crushed, impaled, or incinerated. So, this Biolink is a must-have for all those Raiders out there.

  • Gap Closer

Having this Biolink is especially useful for Raiders who are partial to their melee weapons. With this perk, the Custodian will have ninja-like abilities which will enable them to leap toward their target and slash it. This can be really handy whenever a trap is slightly ahead and about to go off. Simply hitting the melee button will automatically make the Custodian dash toward the target and eliminate it. This perk is needed for all those Outposts that are wrought with winding pathways and abstract designs.


  • Dead Man’s Switch

Having this Augment can be handy in a number of ways. It gives the Raider a middle finger whenever they slay a guard. A bomb will count down on their corpse and will explode within a few seconds. The explosion has a rather robust radius of splash damage, too. There are dungeons out there that will set everything up to where guards will drop down from the ceiling and through a corrosive cube after activating the Genmat. Hence, the hallway will be littered with fleshy bombs counting down. It can be hard to dodge and it is fairly effective. Not to mention, having this perk on guards that are patrolling tight corridors is also useful.

  • Plating

The Plating Augment is a pretty standard affair. Guards will be adorned with crude metal plates which will deflect projectiles. The hitboxes in Meet Your Maker are also pretty airtight. It is possible to one-hit guards in the right place. However, about 80% of their front side will be impervious. For Builders who have a thing for the guards, this Augment will certainly give them more of a fighting chance.

  • Reflex Manipulation

If the guards seem to be a little slow with their attacks, this Augment is what you need. This basically allows them to be more aggressive and attack at a faster rate. If they’re stationed from afar, they will bombard Raiders with their projectiles. Not to mention that the Warmongers will be meaner, too.


  • Second Wave

This Mod is a no-brainer. Given that raiding comes in two distinct phases, the Second Wave Mod will be sorely needed. This will allow traps to become activated after the Genmat has been stolen. Hence, there’s a whole new slew of traps that Raider will need to dodge while escaping. Without this Mod, Raiders can carefully disable all the traps upon entry and just waltz out of the Outpost after stealing the Genmat without breaking a sweat.

  • Self Destruct

Having this Mod can be amazingly useful for garnering some cheap kills. After destroying a trap, it will countdown until it blows up. Sometimes, when placed correctly, Raiders will panic and accidentally run into another trap that’s close by. Peppering this Mod on traps throughout an Outpost will surely keep Raiders on their toes.

  • Blockade 

What this certain Mod does is slow down the impaler to where it will extend its spikes and get in the way of the Raider. When placed accordingly, this can really put Raiders in a bind when trying to escape certain death. It kind of gives the Outpost a little pushback whenever a Raider is just sailing through it.


Of course, every player is different in how they will go about things in Meet Your Maker. The following list should help newbies on what they should focus on first. There is much more content being planned for future releases. As for now, there is enough meat to chew on with this title to keep players busy for a little while. Meet Your Maker is now available on Playstation, Xbox, and PC.

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