10 Things You Didn’t Know about Tales of Arise

Tales of Arise

Bandai Namco Entertainment has established themselves amongst the world’s top game makers. Their Tales game series, amongst their other cool games, has been a preferable game for many gamers who are always looking forward to their next release. Consequently, the game makers are back with another hot product which will blow away the minds of tales series lovers. They have announced that they are set to release the next episode of the Tales series namely, “Tales of Arise.” The game is expected to hit the market in the course of 2020. According to their Wikipedia profile, the new Arise version flaunts attractive attributes that will even capture the attention of Western gamers. Here are several things about the game that you probably did not know:

1. The Game’s Plot

Just like other games of the Tales series, “Tales of Arise,” is also a role-playing action game. However, the development of the plot in this new episode of the game beats the other games hands down. The game has retained the super Linear Motion Battle System, but a set of unrevealed improvements and alterations have been made to make it better. The plot is set in two worlds, a medieval world of Dahna and a civilized world of Rena. Rena is far more advanced in technology and has supernatural powers. Therefore, it conquers Dahna, grabbing its resources and enslaving its people.

2. Production and Development

The Tales of Arises game has been developed and published by the giant Japanese game company Bandai Namco Entertainment. The game was produced by a team of experienced games veterans who have in the past worked in the production of other episodes of the series led by Yusuke Tomizawa. The chief character designer, as well as art director, is Minoru Iwamoto, who has in the past, worked on the “Tales of Zestiria” and “Berseria.” The game has been revolutionized adopting a darker world design in a bid to reach out to the Western audience and also to give the game a new unique feel.

3. The game was built by Unreal Engine 4

Unlike other games in the series that were made using a dedicated in-house engine, the new Tales of Arises was created by the more advanced Unreal Engine 4. This game engine flaunts super qualities that make it the best in the development of games. It offers global illumination by cone tracing and also allows for updating of programming languages such as C++ while it is still running. Such features enable it to produce super quality products. Consequently, the Tales of Arise game will offer a 3D experience only comparable to television and 3D films. The graphic quality will be topnotch, giving you a gaming experience that will glue you to your screen.

4. The game will run on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Newer Versions of Microsoft

The past episodes of the Tales series could operate well on both PlayStation 3 and 4. However, “Tales of Arises” will only be supported by only PlayStation 4, Xbox one and newer versions of Microsoft. The change is because the new game was developed by the more advanced Unreal Engine 4 gaming engine whose products are supported solely by modern hardware. Nevertheless, this limitation will be overwhelmed by the new game’s graphics purity and superiority.

5. The Game’s Development has been Hugely Influenced by Western Audience

According to Gamereactor, the development of the new “Tales of Arise” game has been largely influenced by the Western audience. The past products have not hit the Western market as expected, probably due to low-quality graphics and visuals. As such to improve on these aspects, the development of the new product adopted the use of Unreal Engine 4. Consequently, the graphics are more refined and realistic going a long way to capturing the attention of the Western audience whose expectations are ever high.

6. The Heroes in the Game

According to PCGamer, the main protagonists are Alphen and Shionne. Alphen is a slave from Dhana who has no memory of his past while Shionne is a cursed character who inflicts pain on anybody who touches her using her thorns. Though starting on the wrong foot, the two characters develop a mutual relationship; their destinies appear to be co-joined.

7. The Game’s Battle System

As revealed by the game’s developer Yusuke Tomizawa, the new game will still retain the Linear Motion Battle System used on past games in the series. With this system, the battles happen in an open 3D space, but characters hit each other head-on approaching each other in a straight line. However, in the new “Tales of Arise,” unique aspects are added. There will be dodge rollers as well as free runs as viewed in the trailer of the new game. The system also flaunts combo meters, both automatic and manual controls and special attack techniques.

8. Number of Players

The “Tales of Arise” will be able to support a group of more than five players but less than ten. Although the company has not given a distinct number in this regard hence the estimation. Consequently, you can engage several other players during your game sessions, and have a more exciting experience.

9. The “Tales of Arise” Logo

While the “Tales of Arise” logo retains most of the other game’s attributes, it has some improvements and deductions as well. The most notable changes made by the logo designers are the discarding of the gradient and outline texts which were present in all other games logos.

10. The Game’s Interactivity

The “Tales of Arise” game is expected to be a very interactive game just like other games in the series. The automatic and manual controls of the Linear Motion Battle System are very responsive to avoid frustrating your gaming experience. Furthermore, the game can support several players.

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