A Guide to D2R Hell’s Ancient Tunnels

DR2 ancient tunnels

The Ancient Tunnels in Diablo II are found underneath the sands of the Lost City – a region that once basked in glory. The City lies between the Valley of Snakes and Far Oasis in Act 2 and is a maze of dead ends, hallways, crumbled walls, and ruins that house the ancient Undead. Because the city does not have any natural Cold Immunes, it is the best farming spot in the entire game for the Blizzard Sorceress. It is also the ideal place to access the Golden Chest by using the many available builds. In this post, we review everything you need to know about Ancient Tunnels D2R.

Farming the Ancient Tunnels

The Ancient Tunnels are found in Diablo 2 Resurrected. They are extremely popular as a farming spot because the Elite Packs in them can drop all the Sets and Uniques in the game. By working the Tunnels, you can hunt and collect countless items of Magic or higher quality, which is crucial for Holy Grailing. In addition, you will encounter high-tier Runewords in the game, such as:

  • Giant Thresher for Infinity/ Colossus Voulge/Thresher
  • Monarch for Spirit Monarch
  • Superior Mage Plate for Enigma
  • Rewards: The Golden Chest

The most notable reward to be won in Hell’s Ancient Tunnels in Diablo II is the Golden Chest, which is found to the left side of the Entrance Tile. Generally, the chest drops many Set, Unique, Rare, and Magic items. Its drop patterns are immune to Magic Find. In fact, you can still collect the drops using lower MF Character Builds. The only problem is that the Golden Chest cannot drop all of the items in Diablo II, as can the Monsters in the Lost City.

Ancient Tunnels Experience

The Ancient Tunnels are found in level 85, which means the Elite packs you will find here are Monster level 88. This makes them great for farming Experience in the 90s levels. Additionally, the area has low minimum farm gear requirements, encouraging players to farm in the Ancient Tunnels exclusively – a process that can bring you from Level 75 to 85 and higher in no time.

Finding the Ancient Tunnels

To farm in the Ancient Tunnels, you will need to find them first. We have already mentioned that they are found underneath the Lost City of Act 2 – in fact, it is believed that they were once the entrance to the City. Since the maps on Battlenet are random, you have a better chance of finding the tunnels if you learn to identify the feature (Waypoint) that is to the right of the entrance to the tunnels. It appears as two Yellow Doors and always spawns in this exact form, which means you cannot mistake it for another feature. No other feature looks like it. Once you spot it, you should find the entrance to the Ancient Tunnels next to it.

Tips for Farming in the Ancient Tunnels

When farming in the Ancient Tunnels, you should always aim to break all the Immunities. The monsters are generally weak that you don’t have to go to a lot of trouble to eliminate them but, you should still keep the following pointers in mind:

  • Use the Conviction Aura to break Cold, Fire, and Lightning Immunes
  • A Level 1 Lower Resist will break Poison Immunes
  • Level 1 Amplify Damage or Decrepify will break Physical Immunes

It is also important to note that Elite Packs in the Ancient Tunnels can usually be hidden in the smallest areas, including catwalks and open chambers. You should check these sections for extra packs during your hunt to make sure you don’t miss out.

Avoiding Danger

By far the most formidable monster in the Ancient Tunnels is the Horror Mage – a mob with glass cannons. They are the sole ranged attack monsters in the game and have a very high Lightning Damage output. When going in, boost your great with at least 75 percent Lightning Resistance to counter the mob. You should also avoid making stops during farming and try to dodge the attacks during the delays that follow. Additionally, you should eliminate these mobs first.

Build Recommendations for Ancient Tunnels

Farming the Ancient Tunnels D2R requires access to several damage types and high mobility. Builds that you can use for the farming process in this area include:

  • Blizzard (Sorceress): According to Gamer Guides, the Blizzard Sorceress is the best build for farming in the Ancient Tunnels. She is virtually untouchable, thanks to the Glacial Spike that gives her high cc and immense Cold Damage.
  • Freezing Arrow (Amazon): The Freezing Arrow offers both high AoE Crowd Control and Cold Damage. She can also access Magic and Physical Damage to use against any Immunes that might be present in the tunnels. While she cannot access Teleport as easily as other characters, she more than makes up for it in high Faster Run/Walk amounts.
  • Berserk (Barbarian): This build’s primary aim is to eliminate the leader of every pack he encounters and increase your number of drops through Find Item. Through Howl, he can also one-shoot at specific gear levels and eliminate trash minions.
  • Lightning Sentry (Assassin): Lightning Sentry has several high damage sources, a Burst of Speed, and high mobility. He can break all the Immunities in the area once she accesses Infinity, making her one of the best builds for farming the Ancient Tunnels.
  • Summoner (Necromancer): Summoner can summon an army of undead, which, in addition to his high Fire and Physical damage, gives him the ability to eliminate all enemies even if they have Immunities. He is one of the safest builds for the Tunnels.
  • Dream Zealer (Paladin): Dream Zealer is actually more useful in the Tunnels than the Hammerdin. While he doesn’t have Teleport, he boasts of Charge/vigor-produced mobility that will allow you to easily access the Ancient Tunnels.
  • Fissure (Druid): Fissure can help you eliminate even the monsters with Fire Resistance Immunity in this farm area. This includes games on high Player Settings.


The Ancient Tunnels D2R are the best farming spot in Diablo II for Blizzard Sorceress builds, according to GameRant. As already mentioned, the Tunnels are found in an area without any natural Cold Immunes, so you will need to use strong builds containing high Cold Damage to get the best out of the Tunnels. The loot you should be aiming for is the Golden Chest found at the end of the Lost City. For guaranteed access, you should carry some Keys with you and memorize the details on the map, most especially the two yellow door-shape.

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