5 Things You Didn’t Know About Death Stranding

Kojima Productions upcoming title Death Stranding is as mysterious as any title could actually get. With the limited details revealed about this game, we only know so much. However, with five interesting details you didn’t know about Death Stranding, you might have an idea what Kojima plans to bring to the table.

1. The Title Relates To Whales

If you have seen the first trailer of Death Stranding then you would remember that it opens on a beach where we see dead wildlife, including whales. Keeping that into context, when a whale wanders into shallow water it lands on the beach and mostly it dies of dehydration or even drowns when high tides block their blowholes. This is referred to as “Cetacean stranding” by Marine biologists. Now as ironic as it may seem, one can see the relatability between the two.  This can’t be a coincidence or something the devs might have missed.

Horizon Zero Dawn Game Engine is the Same as that of Death Stranding

For those who know about Horizon Zero Dawn, they know that it is one of the amazing games to land in the world. Horizon Zero Dawn is also one of the best games for the year 2017. In fact, it is considered to be a game that has set a new benchmark for future games. One of the main things which make this game as remarkable as it is. Is its game engine. This is something perhaps you didn’t know about Death Stranding, apparently, Death Stranding is being brought to life with this same engine. This engine was given to Kojima by Guerrilla Games as a gift. The name of this engine is, “Decima” and it is the property of Guerrilla Games.

Death Stranding Easter eggs were already present in Horizon Zero Dawn

As you can suspect that the collaboration between Guerrilla Games and Kojima Productions was so successful that Guerrilla Games, pushed in a bunch of Death Stranding references into Horizon Zero Dawn. Some of the references include a stranded necklace as well as a stranded figure and stranded shackles. All of which is pretty relatable to Death Stranding; considering the necklace to do something with Norman Reedus dog tags, we have seen in the first trailer. Then the creepy doll in the second trailer and the third one being the handcuffs Reedus is seen wearing.

Low Roar’s ‘Give Me an Answer’ Music Video is inspired by Death Stranding

There is no doubt that Death Stranding can serve as a source of inspiration and perhaps that is why the music video of Low Roar’s ‘Give Me an Answer’ took inspiration from it. This is probably something you didn’t know about Death Stranding as when the music video of “Give me an Answer” was being made, the director Marko Bell of the music video, decided to use Death Stranding as a takeoff platform.

One can see in the music video that it is ecstatically realistically themed with a sci-fi story. Bell said,

“Knowing about the band’s past made me think it would be fun to create a world where certain fans could physically enter the game Death Stranding before it came out. This opened the door to questions that created the narrative you see in the video.”

The Baby in Death Stranding has Two Names

We have seen in both trailers of Death Stranding that they like using babies as promotional materials. Perhaps they seem to play a philosophical role in Death Stranding.

The devs filmed these trailers using motion capture technology and did not have to use real babies in the production. So as you can guess, dolls were used on set as a replacement. Now what is interesting is the fact that Hideo Kojima gave names to the two dolls used in the production, Lu #2 & Lu #1.

So with all that put into context one can estimate that as promising as Death Stranding may seem, it will definitely be one weird ride.
Do you find the things you didn’t know about Death Stranding fascinating to some level or not? Let us know your thoughts.

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