A Gallery of Breathtaking Skyrim Panoramas

A lot of you seemed to like the gallery last week which had some of the most beautiful screenshots from Skyrim anyone’s managed to capture so far. Well, I figured I’d follow that up with a similar post, but now the pictures are full-on panoramic, and even more fantastic than before.

I always try and show my friends just how gorgeous the world is when they see me play, and I usually do so by going to the top of something really high and looking around, but to truly capture the magic of the world, you need to find specific spots that really bring the beauty out. I may not know all of them, but this virtual photographer knows quite a few, and that’s why this gallery is as amazing as it is.

There are ten widescreen shots in total, and you can see the rest below.

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  1. Looking at these reminds me of perhaphs my favorite part of this game, as you look out at everything you know that you can go everywhere and explore. Simply amazing.

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