A Gallery of Amazingly Detailed Comic Book Art from Joe Jusko

Sometimes we feature amateur artists on this site that are so good, people say “man, that guy should a professional.”

But today? We don’t have to worry about that. Joe Jusko is as professional as they come, and has worked for practically every major comic book company at some point or another. You’ll see Marvel, DC and everything in between here.

Jusko’s style is really amazing, and it’s a shame that hyper realism has gone out of most comics these days. His work is incredibly detailed, and I can only imagine what a whole comic full of his art would have looked like.

Check out the gallery below.

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  1. Jusko is great – he did an entire series of trading cards for Marvel 15 or so years ago called “Marvel Masterpieces.” I had the whole set, just gorgeous artwork.

    Also, fun fact – he is a bodybuilder, so he can look in the mirror in order to ensure that his paintings feature correct anatomy. Great gallery.

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