A Gallery of Batman Through the Ages

Behold, Batman the Barbarian!

I came across this rather cool collection of pictures yesterday that I’m told was taken from the comic series “The Return of Bruce Wayne.”

It shows what Batman might have been like if he had existed in different eras across time, other than the present day where he’s a full-fledged superhero. He goes everywhere from Salem to the Wild West to the high seas, and I would pay to see any one of these turned into a feature film.

Check out the gallery for yourself. Has anyone read this series? Worth checking out?

Witch Hunter Batman

You cannot stand up to his Puritan hat of doom!

Pirate Batman

Please tell me they call him “Batbeard”

Cowboy Batman

To the bat-horse!

Detective Batman

Wait, he’s already a detective. But this is more LA Noire style I suppose.

Batman Batman

Uh, who is apparently now bulletproof. Oh wait, they just have terrible aim.

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  1. This was a miniseries made from the aftermath of the death of Batman from Final Crisis.


    As it turns out, Batman didn’t die but got sent back in time. So this series is about how Batman is traveling back to the present time from the past.

  2. @UnrealityReader @Stefanos

    There’s a reason every site does that it turns out, you need page views to stay alive. The site is free to you guys, but we need a few extra clicks to keep things running. I promise I won’t doing 20 or 30 page posts, usually should be none, sometimes 2 or 3, at most 6 on occasion. It’s not ideal, but that’s the way things work unfortunately.

  3. I’d recommend reading “Batman RIP” and “Final Crisis” before this. The book is good. I felt the through-the-ages trip dragged on a little, but it was interesting to see Bruce Wayne in different eras. The return to “present time” and conclusion was a well done though.

    I didn’t enjoy Grant Morisson’s Batman RIP (which i felt was a weird convoluted tale) but he did a good job on this one.

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