A Gallery of Cartoons Invading Reality

Usually when we feature a digital artist on the site here, it’s just because his work is cool or fun or worth seeing. There’s not often a deeper meaning behind it, but in today with the case of “Culture Kidnapper,” there is, and he even is kind enough to explain it himself.

“You take a picture, you add something that has nothing to do with it, and immediately it tells something else,” he says. “”Pictures are part of our everyday life,” he tells us, “we are exposed to thousands everyday and they barely mean something. By adding cartoons in the picture I chose, I want people to have a closer look at the picture than we would normally. I find it interesting to pick innocent pictures from cartoons to talk about serious and scary issues.”

It’s possible to see the metaphor in many of these, but I have to draw the line at Mohammed Ali knocking out Ryu from Street Fighter. What, is that a commentary on the US bombing of Nagasaki or something? Anyway, check out the other pieces below.

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  1. I find it odd that Ali knocked Ryu down when Ryu still had half full (or empty) health. Maybe that’s a commentary on the fact that a lot of people think that fight, Ali vs. Liston, was rigged and Liston took a dive.

  2. Hmm, I’m pretty open minded but the one with the funeral and the happy meal box was really in bad taste I think. In fact quite a few of them are in bad taste, but the funeral one for certain. That appears to be the family of a fallen police officer or fireman and I think dignity should be left alone. Just my two cents.

  3. We don’t live in Mecca. Who cares what they find offensive? They would find every post on this website offensive. They find Christina Hendrix offensive in Mad Men. They would find the fact that there are girl Pokemon trainers offensive.

  4. i’m a muslim and enjoy unrealitymag very much. some might call me apostate or retard but hey i think and feel the mecca pic pretty mush sums up my feeling when i went there. it was fun and calming.. no roller-coaster-shriek feeling though..

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