5 Interesting Moments In Jet Packs

Jet Pack

Like the title of this website, some things in the world are still classified as being “unreal.”  And for a while Jet Packs were in the world of unreal.  But as time goes by, the reality of jet packs entering our lives on a daily basis is becoming more and more real.

For now they’re generally used for special events and demonstrations, but I wouldn’t be surprised if 20-30 years down the road people are flying around in their jet packs to work.

That’s a great topic by the way.  Who would you most want to see flying a Jet Pack?

While you think about the answer, here are 5 interesting moments in jet packs

Boba Fett at Star Wars Convention

One would think that 99% of any Star Wars convention would contain things that are quite “lame” to the normal person.  But I have to admit this demonstration was pretty badass.  Too bad it only lasted like 20 seconds.  Still though, at least the Jedis were amusing themselves with something other than their light sabres for two seconds.

Jet Pack Monster Jam

Couldn’t get crazy enough at a Monster Truck Rally?  Might as well send in a guy to fly across the entire track right?  If anyone here hasn’t been to a monster truck rally, I highly recommend it.

Michael Jackson has to exit somehow


This was probably the most amazing exit in the history of any concert ever.  And the funny thing is, Jackson’s crew probably knew there was no other way to leave that concert alive.  He was just too popular at the time and more than likely would have been mobbed.  This was incredible.

Home Made Jet Pack and Crash

It’s not quite the jet pack we’re used to seeing but this is pretty cool.

This is Crazy

You gotta test these things somewhere right?  These are the videos they don’t share about jet packs.

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