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We’ve taken a few bashes here and there at Windows in the past.  And to tell you the truth I’m halfway nervous about writing this article because somehow karma is going to kick my ass and destroy my operating system by the time I stop writing.

Yes, I use a PC and every single day I use it I get more and more nervous that every single thing I have saved is going to get wiped out and my computer will have to be throw out of my window (27 stories up).

But I digress because I’m not the only one in this boat.  Plenty of others have been pretty pissed at Windows and here are seven videos to prove it.

You Can’t Use This – So Bad It’s Good

In Other Words:  Vista Sucks

The Windows Sucks Apple Rules Mix

Bob River’s Windows Sucks

Letterman’s Why Window Sucks

I Just Like the Narrating

Windows Vista Sucks – Lots of Cursing

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  1. another windows basher…
    Windows bashing is soooo 2008

    Windows is installed on millions computers in the world and millions of nitwits and their nitwitty children are using them…
    So sometimes people fuck up, sometimes windows does, that’s not very strange since people keep installing and uninstalling shitty software on windows machines…

    It’s best when people who don’t know a thing about computers use macs, because macs are better resistant to stupidity. And there is not very much shitty software for macs 🙂 . People who want to learn a bit more use windows, because the system is more open so you can fool around with the settings more (and fuck up more )
    Windows 7 is great (installed it last week so maybe I’ll have to change my opinion one day.)

    I’m not pro windows or pro mac, macs are great 2! And macs look good!

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