Funny In Flight Safety Cards A La Fight Club

It’s rare in this world to see true honesty when it comes to advertising or even simple things like instructional packets.  Remember the movie Crazy People where Dudley Moore is a nutty ad executive who gets a little honest by creating ads such as “Volvo:  They’re boxy but they’re good,” and “Metamucil:  Yes I want to go to the toilet?”

Imagine the real world were really like this.  Imagine that you’re on a plane and you open up the in flight safety cards only to find images like the one above.

Personally I think it would be awesome.  And I have over 50 of these cards to prove it further…..

Thanks to Airtoons for these creations

Honestly I haven’t a clue what this one means but you can’t tell me it isn’t funny.  It just is.

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