If Only Video Games Were This Honest

Think about the billions of dollars spent on advertising for the gaming industry.   We’re talking boat loads of money promoting games that may or may not perform the way we think they will.  Hell it’s the same thing as a company spending tons on a movie trailer and that movie truly sucking.

But imagine the advertising just cut through all the bull and gave us an honest description.  Think about how much money that would save us.

If only video games were this honest……

Thanks to Something Awful for these….

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  1. Rift doesn’t have better graphics than World of Warcraft. It’s simply a different style. And it really hasn’t fixed anything. I tried Rift for a bit and didn’t even finish two months of play time. I just felt so bored and without purpose or anything. It’s just, “here, grind and grind for no purpose. Just cause it’s a grind game.”

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