A Collection of Bizarre Propaganda

I truly wish that I had the sources for all of the posters you are about to see.  We’ve featured some pretty cool propaganda stuff on this site before.  Usually it has to do with Star Wars.  However, I decided that since it’s so limited, we might as well open it up a little around here.

And boy did I find some weird stuff.  I mean when you talk “unreal” this qualifies.  I understand that propaganda is supposed to be a little over the top in swaying particular opinions but what the hell is in the minds of these people?

This stuff is really supposed to brainwash me?  I don’t get it…..

Can someone explain this to me?  Honestly I don’t know what in the hell is going on here.  And let’s just say this gallery makes zero sense to me so maybe you guys can explain some of this stuff.

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  1. During WW2, people were encouraged to grow their own food due to rationing. Things like meat, sugar, flour, etc. were dedicated to feeding the soldiers, so you had to take a “ration card” to the store to buy certain goods. Once your spent your allotment on certain items, that was it for the month. Non-food items were rationed too, like things made from nylon and metal.

    Trivia: Rationing in the UK lasted until 1954, due to the lasting devastation of the war there.

    Also, a lot of the posters that reference people overhearing conversations or watching what you say references the government encouraging soldiers and their families from revealing troop movement or details in letters or phone calls home.

  2. Yep. That’s exactly it cupcakes. While on the surface it seems like raising your own chickens and the slogan keep em flying don’t fit, what they mean is, if you raise your own chickens and eat them, that’s more food we can give to overseas airmen. Thus, we can keep em flying instead of waiting on food. The rest tend to fall into the loose lips sink ships category. The posters are warning that you never knew who was a spy, so don’t talk about anything concerning the military. The third kind are my favorite. When American G.I.’s got to Europe, they were mostly stationed in England, where the majority of men had already been gone for two years fighting Hitler. As you can imagine, a nation full of lonely women and a massive influx of capable young men led to many G.I.’s getting STDs. Hence, the third poster category, the ones warning the G.I.’s not to have sex with loose women.

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