This is One Hell of a Storage Project

This guy has got to be the king of pirating movies.  I can’t see it any other way.   Basically some dude decided to download 90 terabytes worth of data.  For all you people who aren’t aware of how much data that is.   It’s a ton.  Ton doesn’t even describe it.  I mean we’re talking 1000s upon 1000s of movies.  Honestly I can’t even give a true estimate.

Bottom line.  This guy must be downloading movies 24 hrs a day and doing nothing else.  The dude needed the space so badly he had to custom build his own storage space.

I thought the project was worth posting on here….

Thanks to Basanovich for the photos

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  1. If he’s downloading DVDs (700 megs a pop), he could have 128,571 movies. If he’s downloading 1080 Blu-rays (4.4 gigs a pop), he could have 20,500 movies.

  2. That is just mental! Even if he downloads BluRay-rips, how on earth will he be able to watch all those movies? I mean, even if he watches movies every waking, not-working hour, it will still be quite the challenge.

    Also, are there even 20,000 movies worth seeing?

  3. Yeah, 90% of that HAS to be porn. Either that or every season of The Simpsons. What I’m more curious about though, is if he has the actual movies (4.35gig per movie), or if he has the avi’s (700mb per movie).

  4. Well, people of Russia are seriously sick. Their major sickness is alcoholism. The second major one is steal everything which is not being monitored. 90 TB of storage build as cheap as possible has got only one reason to be made. (BTW out of the wood parts, the cheapest and less respectable building material in there). The reason is to store the stolen goods. He says “started 3-5 years ago with AVI, now it’s storing DVD and BD rips”. He is buying disks in bundles of 8 to 17 items a time. He spends his family budget to store the stuff he does not really needs but can’t help but steal. It is a true sick person. Download addict. He’s on torrent drugs. Please don’t take him as an IT hero, he is doing nothing extraordinary, nor geeky. He’s just making bigger and bigger pockets for the stuff he steals again and again. I pity him.

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